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The subscription culture

The subscription culture

Last updated 11th Aug 2022

There’s no getting around the fact that we live in a subscription culture.

And, with more and more people living on a paycheck to paycheck basis, this transition makes sense. Instead of paying out lump sums, we now subscribe to everything, from our phones to our television. The affordable monthly amounts of a phone contract suit modern living much better than a $500 phone set. Ultimately, then, this culture benefits us everything we do.

And, your business is no exception to that. If you’re just starting out, subscriptions could actually help you stay afloat. Instead of needing vast amounts behind you to afford the best, you can now buy into subscription culture and get it straight away. Later down the line, you may choose to scrap this monthly charge and purchase up front. For now, though, here are some of the subscription services worth your attention.

Broadband and phone line

The first subscription any business should tackle is that of their broadband and phone line. In the modern age, no company can reach success without easy access to the internet. And, of course, you need those phone lines to communicate with customers. While staff members likely have mobiles, a landline number instils more faith. So, you can’t afford to skimp here. Lucky for you, many companies offer broadband and phone line deals for businesses. Bear in mind that there are a lot of options here. Do as much research as possible to ensure you’re subscribing to a service which will meet your needs.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office has long been a staple in many businesses. But, it was once nothing more than a pipe dream for startups. The package was just too expensive to even dream of before profits soared. Now, though, Microsoft Office 365 offers a subscription service which you can find out about from companies like Better Online.

You can either cherry-pick the services you would use, or opt for a subscription to the whole package. Again, think hard about what you’ll actually use. At this stage, every penny counts, so subscribing to services you don’t need would be a mistake.

You can always buy the complete set or increase your subscription later down the line if your needs change.

Freelance workers

You could argue that freelancers aren’t a subscription service, and you would be right.

But, they’re worth a mention here, because they operate with the same general idea. Instead of committing to lengthy employment contracts, why not ‘subscribe’ to freelance workers? These are people who only charge per job. They can prove a huge help during busy periods.

Yet, you don’t have to worry about paying them when work dies down again. It’s the best of both worlds and could be the answer to getting yourself off the ground. After all, it’s difficult to produce enough profit when it’s just you in the office. But, during the early days, a workforce isn’t feasible. In these instances, head online and find a freelancer you can trust.

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