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The dos and don'ts of outsourcing

The dos and don'ts of outsourcing

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

If there is one aspect of the business world that has been slowly increasing over the past few years, it has to be outsourcing. Lots of entrepreneurs and business owners have now realized that outsourcing certain tasks and jobs to freelancers and contractors can help them to keep their costs down and various business processes streamlined and efficient.

However, poor outsourcing practices could actually be doing more harm than good to a company. Want to make sure that your outsourcing efforts aren’t actually damaging your company’s profits and productivity? Then you need to make sure you know all about the dos and don’ts of good outsourcing.

Do manage it well

One of the main problems that many businesses and industries have when it comes to outsourcing is mismanagement. Thankfully, there are now many firms that can manage all your outsourcing for you. One such service is the SOC audit for medical organizations and healthcare providers has been a great help to many companies in the health industry. It’s really worth looking for industry-specific outsourcing managers and services such as this one to bring onboard to make things easier for your own business.

Don’t outsource everything

Some entrepreneurs try to outsource as much as possible from their business. Sure, this takes a lot off their own plate and it means that they can cut large costs, such as employing full-time employees. However, if you outsource all of your departments, things will get overly complicated and quickly. So, it really does pay to narrow down the tasks that you do outsource. Otherwise, you might find that you actually overstretch yourself trying to keep on top of all the different contractors and freelancers who you end up using.

Do research contractors well

When you do decide to outsource o a particular task, you will have the difficult job of trying to find the best contractor for the job. There will be so many different freelancers out there to choose from, so don’t expect it to be a very easy decision to make! Ideally, you should go with someone who is personally recommended to you. But if none of your business connections can recommend anyone, you should research all the contractors well and ask to see their portfolios of previous work.

Don’t struggle with remote outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing, there are two main ways your contractors will work: either remote or in-office. Ideally, you need to find the balance between these two options. For instance, find someone who is willing to work remotely for the majority of the work but can come into the office when requested. That makes it easier for you to chat with them about any potential problems and issues, and you can also check their work progress for yourself in person.

Sometimes outsourcing can be fraught with problems, but that doesn’t have to make it a huge pitfall for your company. Follow the above dos and don’ts and it will surely be a big success for you and your team.

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