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The four third-party services that every business wants on speed dial

The four third-party services that every business wants on speed dial

Last updated 5th Aug 2022

We all know that businesses cannot survive on their own.

They need the help of other businesses in order to stay afloat, and this often means relying on third-party businesses or services that are around you or popular on the internet. After all, a single company can’t be self-sufficient to a point that they don’t rely on other services at all. So to go along with the trend, we’ve listed four different third-party services that all businesses should be using regardless of their industry.

1. Tech support

First of all, you’ll want to get comfortable with your local tech support firm. This could be anything as simple as a local computer store or it could be something much more important such as an outsourced service that is attached to your insurance company. Either way, having a local tech support firm on speed dial is a great way to ensure that all of your companies are ready and working when you come into work. Using them on a regular basis also helps to build up their relationship with you which could come in handy in the future.

2. Law firm

The use of law firms is common in everything from protecting your IP and your brand to ensuring that your new ideas aren’t copying an existing product. Lawyers are rarely ever hired as employees which is why you’ll need an outsourcing service or a lawyer to help you out. Law firms can be incredibly useful if you’re willing to learn a bit of them and how they function. In most cases, lawyers are there to handle legal matters such as copyright protection but they can also be used to dispute cases like arguments between your employees.

3. Security company

A big mistake that companies make when starting up their very first business is that they forget about security. Whether it’s securing the physical premises of your business or defending your customer data from cyber threats, security companies are essential and play a major role in the safeguarding of your company. Security companies usually offer fantastic deals when it comes to completely safeguarding your business, so it’s usually worth giving a look.

4. Suppliers

Having your suppliers on speed dial is a great idea if you’re looking to stay in constant contact with them and build up a working relationship. Having them on speed dial means you can stay in constant contact with your suppliers so that if something changes with your order or if you need to speed it up or amend your supply order, you can do so.

Final words

There are, of course, other businesses that could be incredibly useful to have on speed dial. However, we’ve just listed four of the main ones that will play a huge role in the success of your company. The more businesses you contact and deal with, the more numbers you’ll be adding to your smartphone.

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