Five ways to save money on business equipment
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Five ways to save money on business equipment

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31st Jan 2023

Buying equipment for your business can get expensive. Whether it’s computers or construction machinery, there are plenty of ways to save money whilst not having to sacrifice quality. Here are several ways to buy business equipment more affordable.

Buy used equipment

Equipment doesn’t have to be brand new in order to be good quality. Used equipment can often be cheap and could be in great condition. Companies that are closing will often have sales of their equipment, whilst you also may be able to buy equipment from companies that have overstocked. You can usually find this equipment being flogged online on sites like Gumtree – some of it may be barely used. You should also look out for business auctions selling these tools for cheap. Where possible, check the condition of the equipment before buying – a good seller should provide photographs and should be able to reply to any queries you may have about the equipment’s condition.

Lease, don’t buy

You can lease a lot of equipment including computers and industrial machinery. This allows you to pay in affordable instalments rather than having to fork out lots of money at once. Leasing companies can often provide new equipment that you wouldn’t be able to buy outright. At the end of the lease, you may even be able to upgrade to a newer machine. Meanwhile, if you only need a machine for a temporary job, you may even be able to find a hire company that can offer you the equipment for cheap for a select few days. There’s no point paying a lot for something that you’re only going to use once.

Shop for online promotions

There are always sales and discounts out there to be taking advantage of. Coupon sites can help you to find amazing discounts on business equipment for a limited time only. There are also annual sales to look out for such as the January Sales and Black Friday – these events aren’t just aimed at the consumer market and you’ll find plenty of business products having their prices slashed. Finally, you should keep an eye on email offers – by signing up to business equipment companies you may be able to get alerted whenever there are deals on.

Repair, don’t replace

Whilst some old equipment may get outdated and need replacement, other equipment may benefit more from being repaired. Weight calibration services as found here could be a much cheaper option than buying new weights. Similarly, there could be certain industrial machinery than only needs a single part replacing. Most people don’t look into repairing because they think it’s more economical to replace, but this is usually not the case.

Make use of business memberships

Being a member of a warehouse store or a business group could get you access to discounts that you wouldn’t find on the high street. Such memberships could also have other perks such as access to low-cost business loans and insurance. Just make sure that any membership costs are worth the savings you make.

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