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How your website is key to your crowdfunding bid

How your website is key to your crowdfunding bid

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

The world is certainly not short of entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea looking for funding. And indeed having more competition has only increased now that there are more funding platforms available to crowdsource cash for your world-changing concept. The flip side of that is that your potential investors are now global and you can be more visible than ever. The key? Creating a strong website that clearly communicates your missions, resonates with people, shows them what you have to offer, and allows them to connect with you. Work with the best IT support services to create a brilliant platform, such as Eberly Systems. If you’re after crowdfunding success, you need to get your shop window to the world the best it can be, and it will support your ambitions.

What’s your story?

Although the decision to invest in a business is a financial one, it also relies partly on you forming an emotional connection with your potential investors. This is especially true when it comes to sites like Kickstarter, where an individual may be investing a smaller amount, but it’s likely to be significant to them. Therefore, it’s vital to use your website as a platform to really communicate why you’re doing what you are. Break your story down into specific areas – explaining the problem you’re trying to solve, what made you want to solve it, your company’s values, what drives you to succeed, and the impact achieving your funding target will have. People also want to know about you – your background and what your credentials are. Also, cover what their money will be going towards. Make this as specific and relevant as possible, and outline what they will be receiving in return. This narrative is vital as it’s what sets you apart from the competition and gets people mentally bought into what you’re trying to do.

Build a fan base

Once the basics are covered, put your efforts towards building advocates- people who truly believe in the potential of what you are doing and will highlight that to others. A great way to nurture that is producing short video content for your website. It doesn’t have to be polished- just point and shoot with a smartphone- as people prefer a touch of authenticity anyway.

Relationships on social media

Build your following via engagement on social media. Create a list of relevant hashtags for your product or service and join in the conversation. Don’t use it as too much of a sell at first – genuinely try to engage with people who are interested. Use your channels to test out ideas, gauge the market and refine details of your offer to match what people are seeking. Channels like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can be invaluable market research tools. You can also find influencers in your niche – individuals with good engagement and followers and approach them about promoting your product with a special reward or offer. Take your time to build these relationships up – the best partnerships are those that develop organically and they are likely to bring you far more benefits.

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