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Five tips for buying a property by the sea

Five tips for buying a property by the sea

Last updated 11th Aug 2022

Always wanted to have a home by the coast? Living by the sea can be expensive and there are other factors to consider such as the risk of flooding. Here are some tips for finding the perfect property by the sea.

Research the area

Getting to know the area is important when moving anywhere new. Most people get so focused on living by the sea that they forget to look into local facilities and other practicalities that the neighbourhood might offer. You should talk to locals to get their opinion on what it’s like to live there. Also, take a look at the general price of properties so that you know whether you’re getting a good deal.

Use a local agent

There are many agencies that deal primarily with real estate near the coast. Going through these realtors could help you to find something suited to your specs. These agents will also be able to offer local knowledge on facilities in the area and activities that a general agency might not be able to provide.

Consider whether you need to be on the beachfront

Properties right on the beach front are most popular due to their sea views, however, these properties are very expensive. There’s also a greater risk of flooding and general salt damage, which could amount to extra costs in the future. By considering properties a few streets back from the beachfront, you could reduce costs and reduce the risk of weather damage. Forgoing a sea view altogether could drastically lower costs – this could be worth weighing up if you simply want to be within walking distance of the beach.

Get the property surveyed

Before buying any property, hiring a surveyor is worthwhile to make you aware of future repair costs, potentially preventing you from taking on a property that could be expensive in the long run. In the case of a coastal property, it’s worth hiring a land surveyor who can also look into the risk of flooding or potential erosion. They may also be able to spot any past damage from flooding or saltwater spray. You may also be able to use a surveyor report to prove that a property isn’t a flood risk, which could help when getting your property insured (many insurers automatically assume that a property by the sea is more prone to flooding).

Know your purpose

It’s important to find a home suited to your purpose. If you’re looking to buy and sell coastal property for profit, you may want to look for property in an upcoming area. If you’re hoping to rent out your property to guests as a holiday home or b&b, you may want to check that there’s a good tourist industry in the area. If it’s simply a home for living in, consider what your personal needs are. Those wanting to raise a family may benefit from having a school nearby. If you’re looking for a place to retire to, you may want a peaceful community and easy access facilities such as a bank, doctors and post office.

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