Repercussions of an injury on a construction site
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Repercussions of an injury on a construction site

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31st Jan 2023

Our occupations give us life and provide the life we want. We seek fulfilment in a hard day’s work and the good rewards we get for our persistence. Working with one’s hands and building things from the bottom-up is one the toughest jobs there is. The construction industry relies on people to remain committed to their daily responsibilities. The fact that society hasn’t really looked at what this means is a sad testament to why so little knowledge is possessed about what happens after an injury. Construction workers literally put their bodies and lives on the line so that office buildings, homes, businesses, government institutions and more can arise from nothing. So when they get seriously hurt, who is going to be there for them? There are many options for someone who has been injured, but the first few paths are going to be inherently limited. There’s always a course of action you can take if you happen to be the injured party, to acquiesce help from others to get you back on your feet. Other and more direct ways will help you to get what is owed to you for putting you through such a horrific experience.

The type of injuries and accidents

Generally speaking, construction workers are usually eligible to request compensation for their injuries. However, it should be noted that construction workers do go through avid training that will help them to avoid accidents at work. Constructing buildings and houses are both dangerous and messy jobs. Technology has evolved such that engineering is fast and easy, but it still remains a dirty and tough job to do.

The most common kinds of injuries are sustained by falls due to either negligence of the site manager or due to carelessness for one’s own safety. There must be clear signs placed wherever there is a gap opening so that everyone working knows where they can and cannot put their feet. It’s also incredibly dangerous to hold something that will block your view and then tread somewhere you can fall into such as a pit.

Other types of injuries including electric shocks which also result in one of the higher rates of fatalities. Stepping on tools and equipment such as nail, crowbars, hammers, and saws are also more common than one might care to imagine. One of the more horrific injuries is when large and or heavy objects land on the cranium. This can cause excessive damage to the brain and sometimes result in death.

Rightful compensation

Work-related injuries that have happened at construction sites are no joke. The day-to-day tasks involve handling dangerous machinery that can cause life-threatening damage if used incorrectly. Notwithstanding the list of injury types aforementioned but healing from your injuries can be more stressful. Injuries that are of the trauma cerebral variety leave long-lasting tissue damage in your brain. When you suffer a concussion, you may have memory loss which can be disorienting and spark on a panic attack.

The symptoms of a mild injury are easily confused with the same things you could feel with a common headache. One could be going through dizziness; your temperature may increase, your neck might begin to cramp up, blurry vision, confusion and a hard time getting to sleep. The cost of putting yourself back together, doctors having to use and prescribe complex drugs to you and surgeons putting your under the knife all wrack up. So why should you pay for it when it was somebody else’s fault? Hiring an attorney to get the just-due compensation money will help to pay for any operations you may need to go through. Since you’re going to be out of work and or have to recover at home, you won’t be earning any income. An attorney will factor these things in and assess the impact on your head trauma injury on your future after all your initial pain has gone.

Physical therapy options

Injuries that are debilitating and leave your bed-ridden will require the help of physical therapy sessions to get your back on your feet and mobile again. This part of care is often overlooked because as a society we seem to think that as soon as we leave the hospital, we’re going to be fine and get back to normal. However, if you have suffered nerve damage, ligament and muscle tears, receiving your normal range of motion is going to be your top priority. The aim of physical therapy is to restore the normal functions of your cognitive ability and relative to the average human anatomy.

Sitting down with your doctor to discuss your options is the first thing you need to do. They will inform you of all the different areas of your body that need physical therapy and what kind of service can be provided for them. Multiple injuries may require you to see multiple therapists who are specialists in their field which will take up a lot of time each day. For soft tissue healing, the preferred method is to go to a registered sports massage therapist. Deep tissue work will pierce through the muscle fibres and layers to reset the electro signals. It will also flush out the toxins which tend to linger on after an operation which is why we feel heavy, slow and easily tired. Skeletal manipulation is going to be done by a licensed chiropractor that will assess the alignment of your joints and bones. Their treatment is focussed on remedying any pinched nerves and uneven weight balance on your skeleton. Going deeper, there can be recommendations that you see a mental health counsellor to give you support emotionally through a harrowing ordeal.

After the shock of the incident and then the quick delivery to the hospital, the full scale of the situation begins to seep in. Construction sites are always going to be dangerous because building civilizations don’t come cheap or without risk. Hardworking, honest labourers bear the brunt of some horrific injuries at work that other jobs and industries just don’t. Receiving the right amount of compensation in proportion to your injury will go a long way to helping you’re to recuperate without any extra worries such as paying for your healthcare bills and future therapy.

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