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Technology that will put your mind at ease

Technology that will put your mind at ease

Last updated 23rd Sep 2022

Do you know what we realised the other day – sci-fi films no longer entertain the way they used to. Movies like The Minority Report, Blade Runner, Looper, Inception, The Matrix (only the first one), Fifth Element, Eternal Sunshine, The Day The Earth Stood Still – they all used to grip us in a way that only the impossible and far-fetched could.

Now they just scare us. Technology has started to scare us. That said, there are some technological advances that completely blow us away; technological advances big and small that make everyday problems a whole lot easier. Basically, as the future barrels towards us like a futuristic cannonball fired from some sort of space-age super-gun, and new issues burst onto the scene, there are technologies popping up designed to remedy these very problems.

So, without further ado, here are some of our absolute favourite technologies; the kind that are making the world a safer, easier, cooler and far more badass place than ever before.

1. Mind Reading The World To Safety

We’re not saying this to jump on the fear-inducing bandwagon of mass media or anything like that, but terrorism has become today’s hot topic. There have been unforgivable acts of terror both domestic and foreign and that has seen world governments bring about a war on terror. Spoiler alert: a war on terror won’t work. It never has. Luckily for us, an Israeli tech company by the name WeCU (yup, that reads We See You) is working hard on a technological system that is able to read the minds of potential terrorists and stop them before they act. The way it works is simple (albeit in the most complex way possible): when someone is planning on committing an act of terror, they have to be exhibiting a pretty large amount of emotional stresses and strains. The problem up until now is detecting said stresses and strains. That’s what WeCU wants to change.

2. Eye Implants For Those With Poor Sight

Some people are born with poor vision, other people start to develop with age – either way, poor vision is almost an inevitable part of life, like takes but worse (probably?!). Well, in 2018, a visionary company by the name of VisionCare has created an implantable mini-telescope that can be implanted into the human eye. But here’s the best bit about the whole thing: it’s been FDA-approved, which means this is less a pipedream and more a reality. Once again, in a really complex way, the way it works is simple: this telescopic implant works to improve visual acuity with age-related sight degeneration. That doesn’t just mean better vision, that means a better quality of life in general. That’s amazing.

3. Dope Dentistry Is More Than A Dream

Without wanting to bore you too much with the details of dentistry, dental pulp is one of the most important tissues found in teeth. It’s basically the bed of nerves and the blood supply and keeps the tooth alive. Alas, when the pulp becomes infected, it’s gotta be removed. The problem is, going for a root canal is not the most exciting trip you can ever take to the dentist. The good news is, Dr. Bradley Tew (who is a legend in the dentistry game), told us the current method of surgically removing diseased pulp is set to be replaced by a new method; one that will regenerate the pulp through stem cell injections. You might think this is a pretty non-plus thing to hear about, but it won’t be when you next visit the dentist and find out you need a root canal. Mmm hmmm. That’s when this news will be the best news ever.

4. Chemotherapy But Way More Accurate

If you’ve read about Gagomers before then you can skip this section. If, however, you’ve never heard of them – pow – you’re about to have your mind blown. To dumb it down enough for normal people (that’s anyone that doesn’t work for NASA) to understand, they are nanoparticle clusters that are totally unique in that they can hone in on malignant cancer cells. Then, once they’ve found said cells, they bind to them and start delivering their therapy, destroying the bad ones while protecting the good ones. It’s totally incredible and mind-blowing and hard to wrap our heads around. But the most amazing part is how they can be used. Because this technology is able to focus on such a specific area, it can drastically reduce the side-effects for any chemotherapy patients because, as we said, it directly transports the medication to the cancer cells and nothing else. Crazy and cool.

5. Wave Bye-Bye To Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is another one of those things we always read about in the paper, see on the news or find in our email inbox’ in the form of an Apple Invoice, Amazon confirmation letter or any other trusted entity. The reason this is bad is because data – personal data – is the real currency of modern time and so protecting such sensitive data is a big concern. Thankfully, Illusive Networks is leading the charge on this front and beating back cybercrime as it goes. Here’s the best bit about it, though: they’re doing it in the most simplistic way possible, by which we mean they are providing hackers and cyber-thieves with all the data and information they could want – it just happens to be fake and thus utterly useless information. How’s that for an awesome plan of attack (or defence). It’s a total time waster in the best way possible.

6. Freezing Boobs To Save Lives

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women in the world, even more common than lung cancer, which is why it is such a high-priority case for so many medical companies. To find a cure could save millions and millions of women. The bad news is, there is no cure yet. The good news is, we are getting closer and closer to one thanks to a BioMed company called IceCure who, like the name suggests, is developing a process to kill benign tumor cells by freezing them into submission. But that’s not the only amazing news we have. The process that has been developed is a) FDA-approved, b) not surgical, c) not painful and d) only takes about a quarter-of-an-hour to complete. This is a huge step in our battle against cancer. Huuuuge.

7. Salt-Water That Won’t Make You Go Loopy

For those of you that down have an unhealthy obsession with (useless) facts, roughly 96.5% of all the Earth’s water is contained within the oceans as salt water. That’s a lot of water and a lot of water that can’t be drunk. The reason we’re telling you this is to highlight the torturous irony that faces so many people who face the major battle of drought around the world. We need more healthy drinking water to be available to people, but the question is how do we turn saltwater into drinking water? Well, IDE Technologies is looking to the oceans and seas and using a reverse-osmosis process to create a new source for freshwater. This could be one of the most important technological advances in humankind. Ever. period.

8. Never Get Frustrated Again

Sure, being stuck in traffic when you’re already running late for a job interview at your dream company might not compare to something like having clean water during a drought, but it’s still a major (first world) problem that needs to be addressed, and one ridesharing can’t do alone. And addressed it has been. The solution is called Waze and there’s a ginormous chance that you’ve either heard of it or used it since Google picked it up for a cool $1.3 billion a few years ago. The way it works is through user-generated awesomeness because Waze users work together by reporting road accidents, slowdowns, traffic jams, road closures, road works, speed traps and just about everything else you can imagine. As a result, users get to use a map that will get you from A to B without any glitches, hitches or steering-wheel whacking.

9. Road Safety Taken To A Whole New Level

The very concept of driving is terrifying. It’s a mass of cars driving toward one another at 70 mph with just a white line separating them from human error and thus death. That’s the very basic definition of driving. Now factor in all the dangers you need to detect while driving at these speeds. It’s no wonder car accidents are a leading cause of pain. Well, MobileEye, which is a camera technology now found in most modern cars, works to help the driver spot any dangers they may not have noticed by sending them immediate alerts. Lane-drifting, blind-spot detection, and just about anything else that will prevent them from causing a major collision.

Like we said at the start, the sci-fi world scares a lot of the time (thank you mass media outlets for your constant need to prey on our fears). However, there is futuristic tech out there able to make modern problems a whole lot easier to tackle and overcome, and it’s those we want to salute.

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