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Want to maximize RPA? Follow the logic

Want to maximize RPA? Follow the logic

Last updated 5th Aug 2022

When considering how robotic process automation (RPA) will disrupt industry,  the short answer is “it depends”, Harel Tayeb said. Mr. Tayeb is the CEO of Kryon, a provider of RPA solutions to sectors including hospitality, insurance and telcos. Kryon’s clients include Microsoft, Wyndham Hotel Group, Allianz, and AT&T.

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So take the time, break down different operations into their individual steps and look forward to savings of time and money while improving your CX.

Call centers are another area that can benefit from RPA, Mr. Tayeb explained. In some cases Kryon staff are placed in the call center to assist employees with adjusting to the new technology, while in others they can come for a few days to develop bots addressing situations that suddenly arise.

RPA is becoming more popular in business and the home, so employees should have an easier time getting used to the process Mr. Tayeb said. And as Alexa and her ilk become more common mental barriers will continue to erode.

When working with companies Mr. Tayeb said Kryon looks to identify logical processes employees have to frequently compete and then develop solutions to them that can be covered by RPA. As the library of processes grows, more companies will benefit, especially as more of the technology migrates to the cloud, a day Mr. Tayeb said is coming soon.

“Within a few years there will be much more demand,” Mr. Tayeb said.

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