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Jobs in E-Currency: Can women hop on board?

Jobs in E-Currency: Can women hop on board?

Last updated 24th Jun 2022

All e-currency careers are made for women. And men. E-currency is for all. In order to get e-currency in the mainstream, it has to be used by the general population. And right now, women aren’t involved with e-currency. Women need to get involved in this growing field.

There are a few ways women who are already trained in a particular career can join the e-currency movement easily. Or, if women are looking for ways to escape the tech-bro culture while still taking part in the e-currency movement, these are a few options:

Take Part Where You Are

Women can join the e-currency movement from their current jobs. Whether they are small business owners who want to accept bitcoin as payment or specialists who may see value in specializing in e-currency, we are moving towards a world where e-currency is part of the our commodity system.

Small Business Owners

Women account for 10 million small business owners in the US. Worldwide, the levels of female entrepreneurship is exploding, this makes women more important in changing the global business sphere. If you want to pay for your latte at Janine’s Coffee House or bulk purchase Doritos from PepsiCo with some form of e-currency, the women running those companies better be involved with the acceptance of e-currency.

An environment where small business owners feel comfortable with the currency of choice for ransomware perpetrators or dark web exploits means an environment where business owners can be sure that their money is theirs. Knowledge about the low transaction fees, the international use, and the almost nonexistent wait time are definite benefits that female entrepreneurs may not know about, and should if they want to join one of the largest currency changes happening right now!  


Specializing your current career around e-currency can help you make more money or find an underserved audience. For example, barely anyone is paying taxes on their bitcoin gains and they may not know how, and specializing your existing knowledge in tax law around bitcoin could help people realize that virtual currency is property, not money. This can be very important for the 28 million bitcoin wallets worldwide that may not be playing taxes because they don’t understand it.

If you want to work in the cryptocurrency, you should start with what you want to do first. If you are looking to do cryptocurrency project management, then you should be a project manager first. If you want to be a developer for a cryptocurrency developer, start with being a developer. You can add cryptocurrency knowledge to your resume after you know what sort of career you want to go to.

Diving Into the Movement

Listings for jobs mentioning either “cryptocurrency,” “bitcoin,” or “blockchain” have risen 194 per cent from 2017 to 2018. This means that there is a growing number of careers within the bitcoin field. If you don’t have a current knowledge base to expand on, diving into the cryptocurrency movement head-on could be a great way to explore the field — especially for women who are looking to focus their degree.

One of the biggest ways to get women involved isn’t just making it available or talking directly to them about how great e-currency is; it’s also vital to make women feel like valuable when they are trying to get involved. The North American Bitcoin Conference in January was held in a strip club and as e-currency joins the ranks of other big tech clubs, it takes part in the typical tech gender discrimination. Diving into the movement head-on would be a fantastic move for many women, but a safe workplace that provides an environment of success is vital when looking to hire female workers.

Women are late to the c-currency game. But unless they take part and e-currency goes mainstream, the bubble will pop. They can integrate e-currency into their small businesses or their current careers, or they can dive directly into the movement. But it’s vital to take part.

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