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Top 10 countries where students often buy Bitcoin

Top 10 countries where students often buy Bitcoin

Last updated 11th Aug 2022

Bitcoin dragged a lot of attention in the past year and the worldwide investments in cryptocurrencies skyrocketed.

The fever of cryptography struck younger generations significantly since they are the voice of the new generation that will be making payments by transferring Satoshis. As it was a bubble (and probably it is still, though on a lower level than it was) in the beginning, a lot of students embarked on this journey in hope for safe investments that will generate profit one day.

A lot of students have started buying Bitcoin as they consider it to be a significant financial asset that could generate profit one day. The crypto trend went too far to that point that many students quit the studying and opt for Bitcoin trading, while some went for homeschooling. Find out more about homeschooling at http://www.go-green.ae/Home-schooling-and-high-education-The-problems-of-home-school-applicants-at-the-university/964. Now, for the sake of readers, let’s break down a few crucial things about this cryptocurrency so you could understand it better. Later on, find even more information about the countries where students buy cryptocurrency.


Finland, a home to Nokia, has classified this currency as a legal mean of payment and their students have a chance to attend regular Bitcoin sales. In 2016. Tesla’s car was sold for Bitcoins, in the amount of more than $140,000.


Bitcoin is not accepted as a legal mean of payment in Australia but in spite of the hostility of the Government towards the transactions, the number of students who process these transactions is an uprising. There are some speculations that this country will even implement the first blockchain project in the state’s administration, as well as in their monetary system.


Germany is one of the safest counties when it comes to data protection. It accepts all Bitcoin transactions, which is great for students who are paying various services. Even though the coin is not officially recognized as a fiat currency, LocalBitcoin website has experienced a steady growth of people under 30 years old who trade Bitcoin.


Japanese Government acts friendly towards crypto-related payments and transactions and therefore encourages tech students to opt for various crypto startups and projects. In February this year, Japanese spend up to 6 million Japanese Yens in Bitcoin trading. No wonder Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to be from Japan.

The United Kingdom

The UK has already been considering how to implement blockchain-technology and improve the overall monetary system. They even requested from the public to draft a few ideas on how to improve the financial system.

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