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Could someone owe you money?

Could someone owe you money?

Last updated 15th Dec 2022

It can be hard when there isn’t much money coming into your bank balance. A small income alongside some large expenses doesn’t make for a comfortable life at all. Thankfully, there is something that you can do about it to try and make your financial situation that little bit easier. You just need to get all the money back that you are owed!

There are many reasons why you might forget about some money that is owed to you. More often than not, it is because our super busy lives get in the way of things, and we just lose track of owed cash. Don’t worry, though, in this quick blog post, I’ve listed a few sources where you might be able to find some money such as this. It’s worth checking each one out as you never know where you might find some money with your name on it!

Unpaid Invoices

If you are a freelancer, you might constantly struggle with late payments from clients. It can be very annoying when you receive late payments as it can cause cash-flow problems for yourself, which could make it difficult to make your monthly rent or other bill payments. Do you think there could be a chance that some of your invoices were so late that you forgot about them? This is often the case with ones that were for small amounts of cash. It’s worth going back through all your old invoices and making sure that they were all paid in full. If not, start chasing up with the client again!


If you have ever been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, whether at work or in your free time, you could claim for some compensation. If the accident occurred at work, your employer is responsible for paying out. They will normally do so out of court, but if not, you will need to enlist some lawyer services to help you out. With personal injuries outside the workplace, the individual who caused them will owe you the compensation. Usually, these cases always go to court.


It can be all too easy to lose touch with distant family relatives. In the event of their death, though, you might be mentioned in their last will and testament, especially if they didn’t have any children of their own. If you were not in contact with the deceased, no one will come and find you. This is something that you need to inquire about yourself! It’s best to keep in touch with relatives, though, so that you are always aware of any inheritance you have been left – if you leave it too late, your portion of cash might go to the state.

Dormant Bank Accounts

It’s worth checking any dormant bank accounts that you may have. If there was any cash in them, this could have gathered some interest, and you might be surprised to see just how much is waiting for you in the account!

So, where will you search for owed money first?

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