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Making sure companies uphold their responsibilities

Making sure companies uphold their responsibilities

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

Companies make a whole lot of money from the general public. It’s not all too surprising that they are required, often by law, to uphold various different responsibilities to ensure that nobody comes to harm through their negligence or malpractice. Here are just a few areas that you should focus on when it comes to ensuring that companies do uphold their responsibilities!

Health and Safety

Health and safety should reign supreme for any business owner. When they open a commercial premises up to the public, they take on a responsibility over the health and safety of people who enter this space. They should, consequently, take various precautions to ensure that everyone is safe and well as long as they are on the premises. Low ceilings and steps should be clearly labelled. Temporary problems, such as wet floors, should be signposted. There should be fire evacuation signs and fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers fitted on the premises. If they fall short of any of these responsibilities and you are injured or made sick as a result, you can pursue legal action against them.

Faulty Products

Chances are that you engage with numerous consumer goods on a day to day basis. It’s up to the company that has provided you with these goods to guarantee that they are safe. Faulty products, in the best case scenario, could see you waste your money on something that doesn’t live up to your expectations. In worse scenarios, they could cause you physical damage, such as injury, illness, or worse. If you feel that a consumer good has failed or has caused a significant problem in your life, you might want to contact lawyers to draw together a product liability case.

Data Protection

When you engage with a company or purchase a product from a company, chances are that they hold all sorts of information, or “data”, pertaining to you as an individual. This becomes particularly true when you shop online. Businesses will hold your full name and address in order to ship to you, they probably have your email address in order to create an account with them or join their mailing list, and they have your card details in order to process a payment for a transaction. If someone with ill intent were to access this information, you could find yourself to be the victim of identity fraud or theft. This is why businesses have to comply with data protection law. Make sure that any company you engage with stores your data safely. If they don’t, or if they leak data, you could create a case against them.

Companies and business owners do have more responsibilities to uphold than those mentioned above. But hopefully, this has served as a good introduction to some areas that they should focus on and uphold at all times.

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