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Your first steps into the world of bitcoin and blockchain

Your first steps into the world of bitcoin and blockchain

Last updated 24th Jun 2022

Since they first saw the light of day in 2009, Bitcoin and blockchain, the technology that makes it work, have received an enormous amount of attention from the public. People left and right have touted them as paradigm shifting technological innovations which have the potential to radically change the way our world works.

However, not everyone is in the loop with regards to Bitcoin and blockchain like our friends from Bitcoinfy that crafted the infographic you’ll find below. You probably would have had to be at least partially involved in the topic of technology or finance to be aware of these concepts existing, let alone stay abreast on their current development.

That’s likely the reason why a lot of articles written about them tend to go over the average reader’s head, since they’re chock full of technical jargon few are familiar with. Peer-to-peer, tokens, ICOs, DAOs – all of these terms make it hard for those who don’t often dabble in these kinds of subjects. The difficulty curve of reading the latest news about Bitcoin and blockchain create a sort of barrier for newcomers.

As a result, many people stay uninformed about Bitcoin and blockchain. One can plainly see why that would be a bad thing, as these pieces of technology have the potential to become immensely relevant in our everyday lives. In short, many of us are missing out by staying uninformed. So, what has a Bitcoin novice to do in this scenario?

Well, look no further. This is the perfect place for you to start learning about Bitcoin and blockchain.

Take a look at the wonderful infographic below. It’s a wonderful treasure trove of useful information for anyone looking to gain insight into Bitcoin and blockchain. You will learn about what Bitcoin and blockchain are, what they do and how they do it, and all the elements that make them so special.

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