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Incredible ways virtual reality could change modern business

Incredible ways virtual reality could change modern business

Last updated 31st Jan 2023

Virtual reality has been around for a while, but it hasn’t taken off as of yet.

It could be down to a number of things, from incomplete technology to bulky headsets. Even so, more and more advances are being made with this kind of technology, and virtual reality is set to change modern business in the near future. We may be able to smell, taste, and touch movies rather than just watch them. We could travel to distant destinations, escape to new worlds, and even recreate a favourite moment of ours – all sitting in our favourite chair at home. Virtual reality holds many possibilities, but in what ways could it change modern business?

Read on for some ideas of how VR is going to change modern business in the future:

Increase The Ease Of Conceptualization

When you look at industries like the real estate industry and remodeling industry, you can see they are founded on the need for conceptualization. These days, things like home tours are used as tools to sell to people or convince them to remodel a property, but what about if those clunky things could be eliminated, and VR could take its place? Conceptualization can give visual power to a potential buyer, introducing a lifelike reality where they can switch things around without ever having to knock down a wall or make another big change. This can give them peace of mind and ease their fears over what they are thinking of doing, and quickly convince them that it’s the right thing to do.

Not everybody has the ability to utilize their imagination and perfectly visualize a space. VR allows people to do it no matter what. There are programs around that allow realtors to not only tailor spaces to the tastes of each unique client, but also allow home-improvement clients to conceptualize any space with any potential improvements or added decor. They can then physically tour the space at every stage of construction!

Remove Fearful Barriers Of Entry Into Commerce

Experiential marketing in the digital realm is another sector that VR is set to change. Now, you won’t have to go all the way to a college to tour the campus – you can simply use VR to do so, touring the dorms, classrooms, and halls. You might even be able to attend a lecture or two. People will be able to decide where they want to continue their learning with no doubts in their mind.

Promoting a concert or another event also becomes easier, because you can use the VR experience to place people right in the middle of that experience. They will be able to get a taste of the fun before actually going ahead with the purchase. There are a wide range of experiences that VR can be used to encourage people to go for.

VR Will Make Learning New Skills Easier

Currently, the US military is using VR in order to train their soldiers in certain applications. Hand to hand combat is an extremely important discipline for them, and using VR allows them to learn and fight in almost any realistic situation without hurting themselves at all. Imagine also being able to learn skills like sharpshooting, parachuting, diving, and more with the help of VR.

The abilities of VR doesn’t end there. Surgical students can use VR as a virtual classroom, without needing to cut into a cadaver. They can practice something difficult in a safe space without worrying about getting it wrong.

You can learn just about anything you want to learn with virtual reality. Imagine wanting to learn a new language, and being able to completely immerse yourself in it? Rather than the two dimensional teaching practices we are used to, VR can be used to help us to grasp things far faster and more effectively.

Enhance Remote-control Capabilities For Any Application

We have the potential to fly drones through VR headsets, or even use a VR to port into a plane that may be experiencing issues. VR is almost limitless. It’s great for applications that might be dangerous, such as when dealing with radioactive materials, detonating or inspecting explosive devices, etc. Using a VR headset provides the user with a lucid experience that transcends the applications of a simple video feed. People will be able to respond to an environment as if they were truly present without actually having to put themselves in danger. This has the potential to save lives, and even train professionals in emergency situations.

Replicate And Map Foreign Environments

The easy replication and mapping of foreign environments thanks to VR has the potential to change the world. Explorers and tourists would be able to walk the streets of any foreign city or exciting country with not a soul in sight – going as far as exploring every nook and cranny and discovering the hidden treasures, not just what’s on the surface. We could even explore a specific place before modern day changes were made – we can use VR to literally go back in time!

When it comes to replicating real environments or helping to concoct ones solely based on the human imagination, the applications of VR are totally limitless. These ideas are only the start of the possibilities!

Photo by Eugene Capon from Pexels

Brands Will Introduce VR/AR Into Promos

AR is not quite the same as VR. AR stands for augmented reality; virtual reality, with things layered or added on top. VR and AR can be used simultaneously to create the kinds of experiences that we have discussed today. They both have the potential to change the way consumers shop, and companies like IKEA are already getting involved by launching their own apps. Customers can use the app to scan a room and see the furniture in 3D in that very room. They can then position the furniture, change the color, and more. This allows potential customers to engage with their products like never before, and make decisions much faster, knowing they have done the right thing. Connecting with customers through this type of technology has never been easier. Other businesses are already employing the help of companies like Look on media to do this sort of thing. If you have a business, it could be time to explore what VR/AR could do for you.

Adopting VR in The Advertising Industry

As we’ve just learned, VR is an effective way to reach out to potential customers and help to plant the seeds of a brand in their minds. There have been many virtual reality ads that have been a success, and over the coming years, we should expect many more. VR has the potential to be one of the most powerful tools for marketing any kind of product, especially big decision products that cost a lot of money, like cars.

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What Is The Future Of VR?

VR isn’t just changing modern business. Sure, the future of marketing and other applications/industries is bright thanks to VR, but many other industries have the potential to grow, too. There’s the games industry, pain relief, PTSD and other mental health, education and design, and so much more. VR has the potential to help with it all. The experiences we have virtually are hyper realistic, and we experience and retrieve them in our minds just like we do any other thought or memory.

However, although billions of dollars has already been used to attempt to grow the field, nothing has emerged yet as the game changer – the ‘iPhone of VR’ if you will. People want intuitive compelling technology along with a desirable form, and the industry isn’t there yet – not for consumption by the regular person, anyway.

It’s also important to note that for those who go seeking out toxic experiences with VR, the experience has the potential to be more visceral and traumatizing than anything on conventional social media – and there are some questionable videos cropping up on there daily. Being careful with the technology is essential. Another small downside is that many of the VR headsets are bulky, but this is set to change in the near future and a more streamlined headset can be expected to emerge.  

Warnings aside, one of the best things about VR is the competitive advantage. Whether you’re putting a new product to market or designing a physical store, you can test and create things quickly, and in total privacy. VR could not only change modern business for consumers and owners, but for workers. VR has the potential to completely change the way we work. Here’s a quick idea of how:

  • VR could cut costs by providing alternatives to expensive travel and conferences.
  • VR can speed up and enhance training in a safe environment.
  • VR will allow more effective remote working.


It’s only a matter of time before VR comes along and changes the business world, along with many other industries. Business owners, consumers, and workers should all get excited about the amazing benefits that VR can offer. Sit tight – it won’t be long!

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