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Always feel like your business is failing?

Always feel like your business is failing?

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

Now isn’t this a thought that has crossed all of our minds at one point or another?!

That feeling of failure is always going to loom over your head because you just know how hard it’s going to hit you if it does come. You’ve invested so much time and money, that failure is just one of the scariest things that could come your way.

But out of all of the businesses that have been created thus far, you need to do everything to ensure yours comes out on top. We don’t want to scare you, but it’s really no secret that a business is nearly always destined to fail. It takes the right idea, the right timing, and the right type of person to be able to manage the business world. So many people are creating their own businesses, and going about it the completely wrong way. All that’s on their mind is money, and how to get the most of it. But if you’re completely money minded when it comes to your business, you’re never actually going to get to a point where you’re making it. It clouds your vision, gives you the wrong idea of what business should be about, and ultimately plunges your business to the ground!

But we hope that you’re not someone who has started their business with only the intention of getting money. You should have the intention of being successful, as we then think you will consider all aspects of what that means. However, if you feel like your business is failing, then it might be that you’re not considering all the aspects that you should. So let us refresh your memory somewhat, and show you what you should be focusing on!

When Was The Last Time You Considered Your Employees?

If you feel like your business is failing, one of the first things you’re going to try and do is blame other people, are we right? It’s so easy for you to think that everything else is the problem but you, as this is what most business people do. Now, one of the areas we know you’re going to send the most criticism to is your employees. It’s so easy to blame their productivity and their level of work, when in fact they’re a reflection of you. If you go into a working environment that is just so full of fun and happiness, the success of the business will reflect on that, and that’s one thing we know the be true! But if you go into a business where it literally feels cold and lifeless inside, you’ll also see a business that’s struggling. So the first thing we’re going to suggest is spending some time focusing on your employees and what their working day is like. Take away uniforms or smart wear in the office, and allow people to be comfortable. Make it bright and interesting, with a corner where they can nicely relax and wind down on their lunches. Bring in five-minute breaks every hour to refresh their minds, rather than working them like robots for the day! You could also think about setting up an employee assistance program which really does help your employees outside of work. You could provide them with top-notch healthcare as a perk, as well as other things like fuel allowances. Just go the extra mile for the people working for you, and we promise they’ll do the same for you!

How Many Trade Events Have You Attended?

If the answer to this is none, then you might be about to find out where you’ve been going wrong this whole time. Trade events are so super important to your business and how it runs, yet so many people don’t bother attending them because of the expense that they think follows them. But the expense that follows them is not always one that’s going to break the bank. In fact, you’ll often find that to attend a trade event is rather cheap, and it’s always going to pay off. In fact, for your first one, who is to say that you even have to attend an event and pay for a stool. You could simply attend by walking around and seeing what the different stools have to offer. You get a real feel for what’s going on and how they work, and then you’ll find you’re so much more confident for when you actually attend one. When you do, there are some top tips to follow to make sure your stand is the best. The first is to make it bright and interesting. The brighter and more eye catching it looks, the more people that are going to head your way. Now, our even bigger tip, is to make sure that you have something free to offer people. Not just a pen or a notepad, something they’re really going to like, such as food. People are always going to be more inclined to come your way when food is on offer. Sell your company like it is the best thing in the world, and strike conversations with as many people as you possibly can. Then, in the next few weeks, you should start to notice a sea of people coming your way from the exposure you gained at the trade event!

When Did You Last Have A New Idea?

If your newest idea was the idea that you first started your business out with, then you definitely know at least one thing that needs to be changed. Business is like a box of chocolates, and if people are always eating the same thing with no variation, they’re eventually going to get bored. Which is why we think that if you’re going through a stage where you’re making a nice amount of profit and you can afford to take risks, then you should start to think about new products that you can introduce, or services if that’s what your company does. It gives you a chance to try something new, and potentially introduce the best thing that has ever happened to your company. If you’re struggling to get the initiative to do so, you could talk to product developers or business analysts to see what you could introduce, without it being too much of a risk to your company. But just try to make sure that the new idea that you are introducing to your company is original, fresh, and a little bit different to what you’ve been going for so far. You’re looking to catch people’s attention remember, not bore them to death!

How Much Have You Expanded?

The answer to this should be so simple, it should be slowly but surely. If you went into business thinking that your business would just grow overnight, and you wouldn’t really have to push it to do anything, then you’re totally wrong. Some companies take years and years of barely earning any profit, to then suddenly reach their turning point and the money comes their way. It’s a waiting game, and you have to make sure you play the game right if you want to win. To ensure you are expanding, even if it be super slowly, make sure you’re changing your marketing and sales techniques regularly, and promoting your products in a way that makes them look as though they’re the best thing to grace this earth! If you ever feel like your business just isn’t expanding, think about getting in a business analyst to see where you might be going wrong!

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