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Low-stress jobs for introverts and sensitive people

Low-stress jobs for introverts and sensitive people

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

Introverts are often considered not successful at work because hiring managers prefer extroverts thanks to their ability to communicate with others easily. As of today, introvert applicants have many chances to find a suitable job that fits their skills and qualifications. There are different kinds of jobs out there. In any case, every introvert can build a great career in, perhaps, every industry.

Statistics show that in the United States, only 51 per cent of workers are happy to go to their job every day. It means that the part of these unsatisfied 49 per cent are introverts. So, what does make introverts feel different about doing the same job as extroverts and what jobs fit them better?

 What jobs can fit introverts?

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When trying to figure out what job might suit introverts, highly sensitive persons (HSPs), you need to trust your gut. If it is too stressful, effort and time consuming, consider switching to some job that is more meaningful and can calm your soul. Below are some factors that may make a job more stressful.

 What causes stress in a job?

Some factors are crucial in creating a work environment. The only chance to get an understanding of what jobs do not fit introverts and highly sensitive persons is to ask them to get used to it. The more time it will take, the more suitable the job is. Below are some of the most common factors that can make an introvert feel stressed out at work: 

  • Pressure in achieving goals. As a rule, highly paid jobs are strongly tied to goals that aren’t easy to achieve. This can distract from doing the job causing anxiety and fear of failure.
  • Piles of difficult and never-ending tasks. If an introvert is asked to do many tasks that require close attention and high qualifications, they can get tired simply from the amount and complexity of work to be done. This feeling is caused by a lack of feeling of completion which makes an introvert feel worn out very quickly.
  • Fear of losing the job. For some introverts, being unemployed seems even more horrible than doing the most difficult job.
  • You are on the clock. While your job is not the easiest one, there can be one more reason to make you feel stressed, that is, being on the clock. In case, you are not competent enough to do your job on time, the job is physically or mentally tiring, it can increase a feeling of stress that takes away your energy.
  • Dealing with people. Unlike extroverts, introverts may find dealing with people a bit more difficult as engaging with others is always stressful, especially if these people are not easy-going but demanding, controlling and so on.

 The best jobs for introverts

When talking about what should the jobs for introverts feature, these might be such points as a flexible schedule, ability to help people, feeling of mental satisfaction and others. The list of specific jobs for introverts might include the following jobs:

  • health care professional,
  • massage therapist,
  • psychologist,
  • researcher,
  • project manager,
  • designer,
  • customer support representative,
  • copywriter, translator, online content manager,
  • accountant,
  • veterinarian,
  • librarian,
  • yoga teacher,
  • spiritual mentor.

To conclude, these are only some of the most common jobs for introverts. If you got some questions or more creative ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section below. 

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