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Making the most of e-commerce in the crypto age

Making the most of e-commerce in the crypto age

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

It can be difficult to spot trends, whether they are marketing trends, sales trends, or general industry ones, but when we look at the idea of cryptocurrency, this is a trend that’s not going away. In fact, it is something that is on the increase and becoming widely used. So if your business is on the lookout to make the most of the zeitgeist, cryptocurrency could help provide that edge. But while running a business in this current climate is easy, there are so many competitors out there willing to go one step further than you. If you run an e-commerce business, how can you make the most of this in the crypto age?

Targeting Your Demographic

You might undertake the relevant market research, but as far as crypto is concerned, it is all about the demographic. Cryptocurrency, even though it is widespread, means that there will be some that flat out don’t like the idea in your demographic. Once you start to dish out cryptocurrency as a form of payment, the rest of your marketing materials have to follow suit. This means that your web design, your promotional materials, and even how you conduct yourselves during customer service interactions, are due an overhaul. Hitting your target market, and understanding which parts of the market use are invaluable. Because not everybody uses it, it can prove to be quite an expense for you to get these payment methods set up.

What Sort Of Business Are You Running?

Ecommerce, in a general sense, is about business to customer (B2C). But if you’re running a B2B (business to business) company, will other companies be willing to pay in cryptocurrency? It’s not likely. But there are a handful of companies that are willing to go down this route. Consumers are using cryptocurrency more, but that doesn’t mean you should only accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn’t consider other forms of money.

Will It Fall Out Of Favor?

Cryptocurrency can be a very volatile currency. One of the major issues that can impact the revenue of any business is the volatility of individual cryptocurrencies. This is all depended on how popular a specific cryptocurrency is, and the more popular it gets, the quicker the price can drop. If you are looking to be widespread, which is one of the mainstays of an e-commerce business, because it’s not legitimate in many countries, this can cause issues, especially in terms of domestic and international tax. Being on top of the legalities is crucial.  

Ecommerce and cryptocurrency do, to an extent, go hand-in-hand. By offering various forms of payments, you stand a better chance of capturing a wider variety of people. But if you are targeting your demographics in the first place, this might be a fruitless endeavour. Ecommerce businesses are in abundance now, and while cryptocurrency is most definitely an increasing trend, the big question is, will your small business survive long enough to make the most of it? This is where the more classic business practices need to be front and center. Cryptocurrency payments are window dressing, remember that.

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