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Interested in an electronic visa? Here is what you need to know

Interested in an electronic visa? Here is what you need to know

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

We all know that planning a trip can be a long process that entails a lot of consideration. One of the things you need to take into account when you are travelling to a foreign country is whether you need a visa or not. At the same time, the electronic visa, the one you can apply online for, is more and more common, which is why you may be inclined to obtain one rather than going to an embassy for a tedious and time-consuming application process. But before you do, you should know a few things, and you will find them below.

You must be eligible

While more and more visa policies from around the world include an electronic visa system, not everyone has access to it. While a particular country may release e-visa, that does not mean you can get one. That is why you need to check your eligibility. That is not difficult. Some visa services have a tool created especially for this, or you can read the visa policy of the country you wish to visit. Although, we recommend the former solution because a visa policy is not light reading. For example, let’s say that you are a US citizen who wishes to travel to Vietnam. As you will find out, you can apply online for your visa. However, if you are a Ukrainian, you can only get a visa on arrival or a consular visa from the nearest Vietnamese diplomatic mission.

You can apply day or night

 One of the best things about an electronic visa is that you can apply for it whenever you want. You do not depend on business hours. After all, an online visa application can be submitted at any hour of the day or night. You have to admit that it is far more convenient than taking leave from work because an embassy works the same hours as your place of business, right? So, it does not matter if you apply for your visa during your lunch break at work or when you get home at 10 PM. It is all the same as far as an electronic visa is concerned.

The online application process could not be simpler

I don’t know if you have ever applied for a visa at an embassy, but the process is tedious and quite time-consuming. Depending on where you live, you may have to go to another town where the embassy is located. That is for one thing. Then, you have to stand in line, fill in a complicated application form, and then you have to wait some more for the visa to be ready.

On the other hand, when you apply online for a visa, you just have to access the application page, provide the visa service with all the information it needs, make the payment, and then you have to wait for a few days so that your travel document can arrive via e-mail. Folks, it does not get any simpler than that. Any easier and we would not have visas at all.

The online application process does not require much

When it comes to requirements, you have no reason for concerns. Sure, you still have to make sure that you have everything necessary for the online application process, but as you will find out, that is an easy task. The most common requirement is the passport. Others may include a digital photo, return flight ticket, proof accommodation, and so on. But those are easy to acquire.

You get customer support

Any respectable online visa service offers customer support. Plus, some of them provide that service 24/7, which is understandable since not all people live in the same time zone. But other than that, instead of having a bored clerk lady who tells you how to fill in an application, you have a well-trained consultant on the other end of the line who can guide you step by step during the application process. How great is that?

Needless to say, the electronic visa has tremendous benefits over the old-school visa you get from a consulate. It is easier to apply for, it requires fewer documents and information, and you can always call the support for help. Hopefully, all countries will have that as an option in their visa policy.

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