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How to be a better boss in a modern business

How to be a better boss in a modern business

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

If you are running a business that continually sees growth, you may have found that over the years, you have lost sight of some of the most important things. One thing that most successful business people are guilty of is losing a connection with their teams and eventually alienating themselves.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at what you can do to reassert yourself as the boss you were when you started the business. We are also going to be taking a look at why it’s so essential that you remain an approachable boss in the modern world. 

Why You Need To Be A Better Boss

While television and movies would have you believe the best way to run a company is from a distance, the truth is far from this. As a business owner and a boss, if you find yourself separated and distant from your employees, it’s almost a guarantee that your company isn’t running at its full potential.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, if you have had employees leave lately, the chances are that they have left you and not the company. Over the last decade, almost all research conducted states that generally, employees leave because of the boss and not because of the company.

So, if you are looking to find a way to increase productivity and get back to being an amazing boss, then do keep reading.

Communication Is Key

One of the most important things you can do if you are running a company is to communicate. The first step to communicating with your team should be to hold meetings quite regularly. By sitting down with your team and interacting with them, you will soon find that they start to react quite positively.

More importantly, meetings like this can also help you get a feel from your employees as to what they think is wrong with the business. You should always remember that your employees sit at the heart of your business, so communicating with them is essential. 

If you are unable to hold meetings that often, you should also create a monthly newsletter, but when it comes to creating a newsletter, you should be asking, how do you make your newsletter stand out? And more than this, you should be making positive connections with your team too.


The final thing we are going to be looking at is showing your team that they are more than replaceable numbers to you.

By putting out some incentives for the employees to reach for, they will see that they are valuable members of the team, and what’s more, you will also see their productivity at an all-time high.

While some bosses see this is bribery, it’s merely a way of showing that you appreciate all of the times that your team goes above and beyond for you.

While our suggestions may be simple, they will help you and your business in so many ways that you will find that you use our suggestions as a starting point and go on to find many more ways to connect with your employees.

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