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Controlling your finances when taking on more work

Controlling your finances when taking on more work

Last updated 11th Aug 2022

In times of expansion, your finances can be one of the first things that go out the window. After all, it’s often uncertain whether or not you’ll reach your goals, or if you’ll be able to pull on those network strings to carry you through, and sometimes you have to put up more money than you first thought. 

So, when it comes to taking on more work and believing yourself capable of doing so, it’s important to keep a tight pull on your purse strings. You need to be able to control your finances, and at least point them in the right direction towards the future. 

Come Up with a Game Plan

First of all, you need to be sure of where you want to take your workload, and how big it’s going to look in the next three to six months. All in all, you need a game plan, and that takes a bit of effort to come up with. 

There are many different circumstances for taking on more work, and thus, there’s no standard game plan available. For example, maybe you’re in a position to take on another company, or you’re deciding to merge with a friend who has a business similar to yours? In terms of inspiration, don’t worry yourself too much, anyone currently looking for a checklist for acquiring a company can make use of links like those provided! 

Look to Cut Costs

This is a time of great uncertainty, no matter how long and hard you have prepared for it. Sure, you may be currently making room for taking on more customers, and there may be quite the demand for it, but this is going to be an expensive time in the long term. You may be feeling the effects of it even after you’ve settled into your new role over a year from now. 

So look to cut costs. You may not have much wiggle room with fixed costs, but when it comes to the variables, make sure you take stock. Look at what you’re working with, and the brands you’re relying on – can you make a change, to save money and use a different supplier or type of software for the time being? 

Invest in the Right Accounting Capabilities

Finally, you’re going to need help with your book balancing right now. Which means it’s time to invest in a kind of accounting software if you don’t want to outsource your cash flow needs to a professional. 

When it comes to taking on more work in a small business, you’ll want to rely on web-based tools and tricks of the trade. You can make use of cloud-based software here; it’s convenient, works in real-time, and can be accessed from wherever you are in the world. It’s a remote worker’s dream. 

Your finances need careful eye and management in times of expansion. Keep this in mind if you’re planning to take on more work, and always think ahead. 

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