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Why you may want to skip the bank when applying for mortgages, loans and insurance

Why you may want to skip the bank when applying for mortgages, loans and insurance

When you’re buying a new home, looking for a personal loan or taking out insurance, your first thought might be to visit your local bank branch. Sure, you can take out any one of these things by going to their office, but you’ll probably benefit from looking elsewhere first. There are some key benefits to looking online before heading over to the nearest bank to see if you qualify. You may be pleasantly surprised to see just how beneficial these other options can be for you.

Quicker Approval

The problem that a lot of people face when going to a bank for a loan, mortgage or insurance policy is that they typically need to wait days or weeks to hear back. During this time, everything may be up in the air simply because you haven’t been officially approved. Unfortunately, it can take a week or longer just to hear that you don’t qualify, so you’ll be wasting precious time finding a solution just to be told this by your bank. When you use the internet to apply, you’ll often receive an approval or denial in just minutes.

Less Frustration

It can be downright frustrating to try to find a bank that will approve you. They’ll want to run credit checks and have you sit in the office for hours at a time. As a busy working professional, the last thing that you want to have to do is to find the time to sit in a bank office with your spouse or partner for a few hours. When you use the internet to obtain the financial assistance that you need, you’re doing everything from the comfort of your office at your own convenience.

More Options

When you visit your local financial branch, you’re typically only able to get one specific option that they have available for their customers. For example, you’ll only be approved for a loan with a 12 percent rate, or you’ll be approved for a 30-year mortgage. When you use the internet, you have the ability to look into varying options that are all specific to what you need.

Lower Rates

A major issue that a lot of customers have is that they pay too much for interest. Interest rates may seem low enough, but they can add up over the course of the next few years. The same can be said when it concerns your insurance rates. When you look at different online home insurance quotes, you’ll see that you can be matched to a variety of different options all with low, affordable rates.

Ability to Compare

When you visit a bank, you often do not have the ability to compare rates or options. You are typically bound by whatever they are able to give you. This is unfortunate, especially when you want to be able to save money long-term. However, when you use the internet to find a loan, mortgage or an insurance policy, you have the ability to compare different rates and companies to see which one fits your needs the best.

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