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IOHK donates $125,000 to  newly launched Haskell Foundation

IOHK donates $125,000 to newly launched Haskell Foundation

Last updated 5th Aug 2022

Leading blockchain engineering company IOHK has announced its sponsorship of the newly-created Haskell Foundation, which was launched by Simon Peyton Jones at the Haskell eXchange virtual conference this week. IOHK is donating $125,000, making it the foundation’s largest supporter. The foundation is an independent, open, non-profit organization dedicated to broadening the adoption of the Haskell language with an ecosystem of tools, libraries, education, and research. 

Haskell is a highly advanced, open-source, purely-functional programming language that allows rapid development of robust software which is modifiable and maintainable. The features of this language include strong support for integration with other languages, built-in concurrency and parallelism, and more. It includes debuggers, profilers and rich libraries. 

IOHK has been supporting the development of Haskell for several years. It has invested extensively in expanding the Haskell community, from developing online tutorials and education programmes, to delivering face-to-face training courses in Barbados, Uganda, Mongolia and Ethiopia. This is designed to expand the Haskell programming community whilst also supporting the Haskell Foundation’s goals of enhancing diversity within its community.

IOHK has also been directly involved on a technical level, contributing substantially to compilers like GHC, GHCJS and Asterius; creating libraries for eliminating space leaks; and even building its Plutus smart contract platform on Haskell. Its engineers have also worked to improve cross-compilation support, developed support for ARM architectures, provided general code improvements, and fixed a number of bugs. 

Charles Hoskinson

“IOHK believes in the power of functional programming, open-source software, and open governance,” IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson said. “As a result, our sponsorship and continuing support of Haskell is a no-brainer. We are delighted to be able to join other key companies in supporting the future growth and adoption of Haskell.”

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