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NFTrade Launches Mainnet

NFTrade Launches Mainnet

Last updated 30th Nov 2022

NFTrade has officially launched its mainnet, offering users a full-service platform before releasing a native token. The platform encompasses every aspect of the NFT life cycle across multiple blockchains, creating an all-in-one experience where users can access the complete value of their NFTs.

With the release of the NFTrade mainnet, users can now access a platform that will connect the entire NFT marketplace, aggregating every available NFT from any blockchain, bringing increased liquidity and access to a fractured market that currently necessitates the use of multiple applications and additional fees. This launch introduces the creation, buying, selling, and escrowed peer-to-peer swapping of NFTs, as well as NFT farming, allowing users to stake idle tokens from a variety of projects in order to earn exclusive utility-based or collectible NFTs, bringing added benefits to both end users and project developers. For at least the first six months of operations, NFTrade will charge zero transaction fees, making it the most cost-effective NFT platform available.

Cross-Chain Buying, Selling, and P2P Swaps: Initially launching on Ethereum, NFTrade will quickly integrate other blockchain networks, offering simplistic buying, selling, and peer-to-peer swaps of NFTs in a fully decentralized manner.

Multi-Chain Minting: Users can now easily mint NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain using NFTrade, with plans to quickly integrate networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Wax, Flow, Avalanche, Huobi Eco Chain, and more. These newly minted tokens will soon be tradable cross-chain, offering users a seamless trading experience.

NFT Farming: Another innovative feature NFTrade introduces is NFT farming, allowing token holders to utilize tokens from their favorite projects to generate additional yield. Through NFT farming, projects will provide collectible and utility-based NFTs that can be earned through token staking, featuring aspects such as discounts on a native platform’s fees, early access to new releases and updates, gaming NFT items, special collectibles, and more. Locking up liquidity for projects and offering users tangible rewards is a win-win situation for the entire ecosystem.

NFT Launchpad: Through the NFTrade token launchpad, partner projects will be able to sell and release new NFTs to the public market, making them accessible to a broader audience of multi-chain NFT collectors and users.

Social Features: Social features are not yet available, but will be introduced to add another layer of fun and community bonding to the NFT space. Users will be able to interact with one another directly, show off their NFT collections and creations, and share their stories.

Ori Levi, the founder and CEO of NFTrade, commented on the release, stating, “As we examined the NFT marketplace, it became clear that an all-in-one application was necessary to propel NFTs to the next stage of adoption,” NFTrade founder and CEO Ori Levi said. “With the launch of the NFTrade mainnet, we continue towards our goal of providing the preeminent platform for all NFT usage, offering a single platform where every facet of the NFT market is accessible to all”.

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