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ThreeFold’s Green Technology Strategy to a Fairer, More Sustainable World

ThreeFold’s Green Technology Strategy to a Fairer, More Sustainable World

Last updated 30th Nov 2022

The following article was provided by ThreeFold.

ThreeFold recently announced a rollout of new product offerings, a year after the company launched the first true peer-to-peer Internet. 

The company’s technologies eliminate the need for centralized control and power-hungry data centers, consuming 90 per cent less energy, and using 90 per cent less international fiber network capacity.

The current Internet consumes nearly 10 per cent of global energy production. With the imminent boom of emerging technologies such as blockchain, internet of things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and 5G, the Internet’s energy consumption is only expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.

Traditional industry solutions focus on increasing the use of renewable energies to power data centers. But this is not a viable solution. We need to drastically reduce the global internet’s energy consumption, and we must act now. 

Not only will ThreeFold save massive amounts of energy compared to data centers, it will also offset remaining energy needs with carbon credits by partnering with Take Action Global: the initiative lets users of the ThreeFold grid (Farmers) convert TFT tokens (the grid’s currency) into carbon credits – effectively regenerating our planet. 

“We have the potential to offset energy usage 100 per cent by the end of 2021, and our goal is to take two times more carbon out of the air than we put in,” says, Kristof de Spiegeleer, cofounder of ThreeFold.

“Zero-OS, the platform’s operating system,  was built from scratch  on a Linux kernel that allows multiple user spaces to co-exist,” Mr. Spiegeleer continued. “These spaces support micro-versions of various software, eliminating the need for hypervisors, virtual OS to fuel the virtual machines, and guest operating systems. This also minimizes the required overhead for the host OS. – ”

Threefold invites customers, partners, and investors to join this critically important movement!

ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer internet platform aims to liberalize what is now a centralized and unequally distributed internet. The ThreeFold Grid comprises over 600 servers in 30 different countries around the world, delivering approximately 80 PB in storage and over 16,000 CPU cores worldwide, making it the largest storage and compute peer-to-peer internet grid in the world. See ThreeFold Grid’s statistics in more detail using their explorer here.

Each server runs ThreeFold’s stateless and lightweight open-source operating system, Zero-OS, and is set up and operated by independent individuals and organizations (farmers). By having no state, it is impossible for farmers to access data on the hardware, making it incredibly secure for users to store their data on it.

Not only will farmers earn TFT for connecting hardware, but will also for providing network services such as IP addresses and their reputation on the grid. A portion of TFT will also go back to the foundation to be converted into carbon credits. Each TFT token represents a unit of storage and compute space on the platform. Users can use these tokens to reserve the storage and compute they need to store, build and share on the platform’s internet network.

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