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The Promising Altcoins To Watch In September

The Promising Altcoins To Watch In September

Last updated 11th Aug 2022

As we roll into the month of September, there are some interesting crypto developments lined up. These developments specifically seem to be lined up with altcoins and could have some positive effects on their price. 

Here, we will round up the top 10 promising altcoins to watch in September. 

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano’s current price is $3.03, with a market cap of $91 billion and a market cap rank of #3. 

The coin was founded in 2017, by the founder of Ethereum. Cardano is a proof-of-stake platform whose main token is ADA. Cardano is one of the biggest blockchain platforms to utilise proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-consensus. 

Soon, it will be possible to create decentralised apps on the blockchain, which could make it a strong competitor for ETH. 

Since July 20, Cardano has been increasing and has recently reached an all-time high of $3.08 on Sept 2. 

Following its record-breaking week, the network will test its new ERC-20 converter during the launch of the new Alonzo testnet. 

ADA is expected to continue to move upwards, with the next resistance being at $3.34. 

If you’re interested in investing in Cardano, check out our guide on how to buy Cardano online.

Terra (LUNA)

Terre holds a current price of $32.32 with a market cap of 13.54 billion. Its market cap rank is #13.

Terra is a blockchain that uses stablecoins to power global payments systems. The network aims to combine the stability of fiat currencies with the decentralisation and speed of cryptocurrencies

The native token LUNA is used to stabilise the price of coins on the blockchain and is also used for voting rights in government proposals. 

A Terra testnet was launched on August 19 and the Columbus-5 mainnet upgrade will launch on September 9. The upgrade will feature several changes including dividend swap fees to improve stake yields. 

On August 1, LUNA broke out from a descending resistance line and has since been moving upwards. The coin reached an all-time high of $36.89 on August 29. The next resistance area is at $52.50. 

Kavio.io (KAVA)

Kavio.io’s current coin price is $8.10 and its market cap sits at $642 million. The market cap rank is #112.

Kavio.io is a decentralised finance lending platform that enables users to invest, earn and lend their assets. The platform supports cross-chain assets, which is a big selling point for its users. 

Kavio.io released its testnet in July and the mainnet is expected to go live in September. 

Alongside this, liquidity hub KAVASwap launched on September 1. This is a liquidity hub that bridges DeFi, blockchains and financial services. 

The coin has been moving upwards since breaking out from a descending transition line on July 24. KAVA reached an all-time high on August 22 and then proceeded to reach a new all-time high on August 30 of $9.21. 

The next resistance for KAVA will be at $11.90. 

Ruby Layram

Ruby Layram

Ruby is a writer for Bankless Times, covering the latest news on the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry. Ruby has been a professional personal finance and investment writer for 2 years and is currently building her own portfolio of altcoins. She is currently studying Psychology at the University of Winchester, specialising in Statistical analysis.