HomeNewsMoonPay sets up a concierge service to help celebrities purchase NFTs
MoonPay sets up a concierge service to help celebrities purchase NFTs

MoonPay sets up a concierge service to help celebrities purchase NFTs

MoonPay, a crypto firm that helps users buy and sell digital assets seamlessly, has quietly rolled out a new concierge service that allows celebrities to dabble in NFTs. A report unveiled this news on November 25, noting that the service is dubbed MoonPay Concierge. Reportedly, this platform lets high net worth individuals buy NFTs without the complexities of setting up crypto wallets.

According to the report, MoonPay decided to launch this service because it believes purchasing NFTs should be effortless. However, the process is currently riddled with difficulties that make it hard for the average individual to enter the digital collectibles space.

Advertising MoonPay Concierge, the company updated its website to read,

Buying an NFT should be seamless. But right now, it’s not. MoonPay Concierge solves that problem. Are you a high net worth individual looking to enter the world of high value NFTs? Reach out to us at concierge@moonpay.com.

A source familiar with the matter disclosed that MoonPay Concierge is not a profit-driven venture. Reportedly, the service is MoonPay’s way of welcoming celebrities into crypto. The source added that the service has already gone through beta testing and that MoonPay has already played a massive role in onboarding multiple celebrities onto the NFT bandwagon.

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A perfect match

Indeed, MoonPay is playing a pivotal role when it comes to introducing celebrities to NFTs. The company has helped the likes of talk show host Jimmy Fallon and rapper Post Malone embrace NFTs. Additionally, MoonPay has worked with singer The Weeknd and rapper Lil Baby and helped them secure NFTs through its platform.

According to MoonPay, creators and NFTs go together like milk and honey because they are interconnected. The company pointed out that creators come up with NFTs and like NFTs. More importantly, creators are the primary beneficiaries of NFTs.

Explaining why it worked with Post Malone, The Weeknd, and Lil Baby, MoonPay said,

There’s a method to our madness. Posty and The Weeknd (and, for that matter, Lil Baby) have one crucial quality in common: they’re iconic ambassadors for the creator economy.

A record-breaking year for NFTs

This news comes as 2021 continues proving to be the year for NFTs. Since the start of the year, the NFT industry has recorded multiple high-profile sales, including Beeple’s Everydays: the First 5000 Days, which sold for a record $69.3 million.

Due to the success of multiple NFT projects, mainstream companies like Visa and Budweiser joined the budding digital collectibles space, with Visa purchasing CryptoPunk #7610. The sports world has also embraced the space, with multiple teams dropping NFT collections to boost fan engagement and generate additional revenue.

Jinia Shawdagor

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