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OpenSea reverses update that barred some users from minting new NFTs

OpenSea reverses update that barred some users from minting new NFTs

Last updated 15th Dec 2022
  • The change reduced the number of items per collection to 50 and five collections per user.
  • OpenSea claims this update sought to address concerns it had received about its creator tools.
  • The marketplace admitted it was wrong for introducing the update without previewing it first.

Leading non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea has reversed an update that prevented some creators from minting new NFTs. The company’s decision to reverse the update came after the changes angered many creators. Reportedly, the update limited the number of NFT collections a user can mint to five. Additionally, these changes restricted the number of NFTs in a collection to 50 pieces.

According to the company, the update was part of its efforts to address feedback it had received about its creator tools. The company acknowledged that these changes might impact its community and urged users to share how it affects their creative flow.

In response, the platform’s users bashed the update, with a user going by @profoundlyeric saying he understood the marketplace is trying to limit spamming of fake collections, but such an approach would not work. According to him, spammers would create a ton of accounts. He concluded that the update would only harm OpenSea’s actual users.

Uglydoll co-founder, David Hovarth, pointed out that the changes also impacted existing collections that leveraged OpenSea’s NFT contract. He said the update prevented users that had minted 50 or more NFTs in a collection from adding more items. According to him, the update was a big misstep from OpenSea, which is at the forefront of an incredible new world that is beginning to unfold.

Looking out for users’ best interests

After the lamentations, OpenSea took to Twitter to apologize and share that it had reversed the update.

The company said,

To all the creators in our community impacted by the 50 item limit we added to our free minting tool, we hear you and we're sorry. We have reversed the decision. But we also want to offer an explanation.

Explaining why it thought the limit was a good idea, OpenSea said it makes every decision with the creator ecosystem in mind. The company added that it originally built its shared storefront contract to make it easy for creators to embrace NFTs.

However, as the NFT space took off, people began misusing this tool, with over 80% of the content created being plagiarized content, fake collections, and spam. OpenSea added that introducing limitations was not an easy decision, adding that it thought it was the best way to address issues community members had raised.

Nonetheless, the company acknowledged that it was at fault, noting that it should have previewed the update before rolling it out.

OpenSea added that,

In addition to reversing the decision, we’re working through a number of solutions to ensure we support our creators while deterring bad actors. We commit to previewing these changes with you in advance of rolling them out. Please give us feedback along the way.

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