DEX Humble Swap launches on Algorand on March 28
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DEX Humble Swap launches on Algorand on March 28

Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
31st Jan 2023
  • Humble Swap’s mission to make DeFi safer and accessible to everyone
  • Humble uses the Reach blockchain, one of the safest ways to write blockchain apps

Humble Swap, a new, decentralized exchange that has undergone strict security assessments to guarantee the safety of customer funds, is launching on Algorand on March 28, Bankless Times learned from a press release.

Making DeFi safer for everyone

Humble Swap’s mission to make the world of DeFi (decentralized finance) safer and accessible to everyone. Adding to the DEX’s security is the fact that it uses the programming language of the Reach blockchain, which offers one of the safest approaches to writing blockchain apps.

Before the launch Sandeep Kaur, Director of DeFi at Humble, stated:

This proves that Humble Swap is one of the securest decentralized exchanges in the crypto market, providing the highest degree of protection for the assets of customers and investors.

Reach Co-Founder and CEO Chris Swenor said:

We engaged with Kudelski Security to perform an audit for the HumbleSwap Smart Contract. The assessment tested the code developed on the Reach Platform, focusing on the overall security and risks within the code environment.

Swenor added:

The Kudelski Security findings during the audit triggered no changes, risks, overall security warnings, not even to a low-risk level, pointing out that Humble Swap contains no backdoor or vulnerability available to exploit. As a result, Humble received only one piece of feedback at the informational level.

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Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
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