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Metacade (MCADE) Still Blazing In Presale As Chiliz (CHZ) and Ethereum (ETH) Look To Stabilize

Metacade (MCADE) Still Blazing In Presale As Chiliz (CHZ) and Ethereum (ETH) Look To Stabilize

Last updated 31st Jan 2023

2022 has seen the Chiliz and Ethereum tokens crash in value while a strong new option appears on the scene. Why is ETH crashing and what’s the story with the CHZ price fall that's caused so many investors to start looking at the Metacade project as a better alternative for their cash?

Metacade is the New Crypto Investment That’s Lighting Up the Scene

Metacade is an attractive Web3 project that harnesses the full potential of the metaverse so that users can play virtual arcade games in a thrilling setting. The platform will provide earning opportunities through rewards and contests, while advertising, merchandise sales, and job listings will help make the ecosystem fully self-sustaining.

It can be described as a community hub and meeting place for gamers, developers, and entrepreneurs, but it’s also caught the eyes of investors. This is because the MCADE currency used on the platform promises to give an interesting opportunity to make some returns, with rewards to be gained from staking transactions and engaging in the Metacade ecosystem.

Why is ETH crashing and CHZ falling in price?

While the MCADE token holds so much exciting potential, why are some of the industry’s existing coins holding up so poorly in 2022? Many of the major digital currencies have suffered a terrible year but hopes were high that the Ethereum token (ETH) would avoid a big drop since the blockchain was undergoing a huge upgrade called The Merge.

The upgrade didn’t prevent Ethereum from suffering a serious price decrease this year but why is ETH crashing even more than predicted? Opinions vary widely, but it seems that the Ethereum currency has failed to live up to expectations. Even the long-awaited Merge has failed to paper over the cracks and convince the market that it’s worth more.

The CHZ token, the native currency of the Chiliz network, also suffered a damaging drop this year. The exact reason why this currency hasn’t met expectations is unclear, but there’s no doubt that investors are getting seriously nervous about the prospect of other currencies overtaking it.

What exactly does MCADE offer that CHZ and ETH don’t?

The metaverse is truly set to take off and the Metacade gaming project is ready to ride the wave, leaving CHZ and ETH behind. Its core features offer considerable advantages, particularly the play and work-to-earn approaches with tight integration between users and developers.

By creating an environment where contributions are directly rewarded, as well as increasing the involvement of gamers with the titles they play, Metacade is becoming a magnet for its target user base and the invaluable promotion they provide. In building a supportive community which not just uses its platform, but is also integral to its operation, Metacade stands apart from tokens such CHZ and ETH and becomes a much more compelling choice.

For investors looking for a better return than they’ve seen with Ethereum and Chiliz, the Metacade pre-sale of tokens puts 1.4 billion of these coins on the market and this marks an interesting opportunity. The starting price of just $0.008 per token will increase gradually, so making a move at the beginning offers the best possibilities of big returns.

Metacade will be more successful than ETH and CHZ for these simple reasons

The Ethereum and Chiliz platforms have failed to prove that they can offer their holders the sort of excellent value that is being predicted for the MCADE tokens. With Metacade, users can put their tokens to use within the gaming ecosystem. They can earn rewards through contributing content and game testing, as well as stake their tokens for an income boost.

Every cryptocurrency investor has their own reasons for choosing one coin over another. Yet, what everyone agrees on is that some tokens are stronger than others. It’s clear that Metacade offers its users and investors much more than ETH and CHZ can due to the tokenomics model used and the real use cases of its coins.

Is Metacade worth buying?

This platform is already causing waves within investment circles. It’s important to consider the longevity of a project before making an investment but the future for Metacade looks bright and prosperous. Metacade aims to bring a lively, connected community to the world of metaverse gaming, which makes the MCADE token a powerful and exciting investment opportunity.

Already into its beta presale, the MCADE token can be purchased at a rate of 125 MCADE per 1 USDT. However, the deal won’t last forever - there are 8 stages to the presale, with decreasing rates of MCADE per stage (50 MCADE for 1 USDT in the final stage) so, the quicker investors get in, the better.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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