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The Sandbox Price Prediction: Metacade (MCADE) will overtake SAND in 2023

The Sandbox Price Prediction: Metacade (MCADE) will overtake SAND in 2023

Last updated 31st Jan 2023

When it was launched in 2020, hopes were seriously high for The Sandbox and the SAND coin, the network’s native currency. The price initially rose as high as $7 before crashing down again, and many are asking - what is the current Sandbox price prediction?

As a comparison, this article includes the new Metacade project, as it is expected, along with its MCADE token, to overtake SAND before long. The article looks to explore the key points you need to be aware of before investing in either of them.

Metacade Offers the Best Investment for the Future

Hordes of users have been buying MCADE tokens during their presale, in which 1.4 billion coins are being sold over 9 stages. The early bird prices start low at $0.008 per token before gradually ramping up to their final stage price of $0.02. It’s clearly an excellent investment opportunity with plenty of early investors seen to be getting on board while the deals are solid.

With the metaverse all over the news and retro arcade gaming making a booming comeback, Metacade is primed to tap into both of these areas where massive expansion and mainstream adoption are expected. The MCADE token is being used both as currency and as a reward mechanism for its users with prize draws and tournaments among the main attractions that help pay holders back for their contributions to building a vibrant gaming community.

Will SAND reach a price of $7?

From a previous high of $7, the SAND token has fallen to around $0.70. Can this coin recover the value that it’s lost since its maximum price in November 2021? The Sandbox price prediction right now suggests that this token will desperately struggle to get close to $7 again with even a return to a price of over $1 looking extremely difficult. The virtual land that’s critical to the platform is now considered cheap but very risky to buy.

What is Metacade and what does it offer gamers and investors?

As the SAND currency flounders at a sub-dollar mark, the Metacade metaverse platform looks set to blast past it on the price charts. The online gaming development hub where fans of arcade games can find them in an immersive, Web3 setting seems to appeal greatly to a wide audience since its premise is much easier to digest.

The presale phase of Metacade also continues to be a great success. In its first stage, Metacade is offering 125 MCADE for $1, before the price progressively climbs to 50 MCADE for $1 in the final stage.

How does the Metacade project work?

As a metaverse project, this is one of the most exciting new cryptocurrency launches leading the way in 2022. The platform presents itself as a welcoming hub for gamers, but developers and entrepreneurs can also join the platform and benefit from its community.

Immersive, Web3 arcade games sit at the heart of Metacade with the Metagrants game creation element (funding for developers) enabling a stream of fresh, new games to be created regularly to continue the ecosystem’s evolution. The play-to-earn games offered on the site give players a genuine opportunity to make money simply by playing their favourite games through the platform.

The MCADE token also has several roles to play in adding true intrinsic value. Users can use them as an alternative source of income by earning tokens through areas such as playing in competitions, writing reviews, helping developers with playtesting, or simply staking their tokens to gain a share of the platform’s revenues. The system exhibits a fully self-sustaining economy, as income can be generated and returned back into Metacade through a variety of channels.

The Sandbox price prediction

The extreme volatility suffered by the SAND token until now has made experts wary of predicting what might happen next. This is why it’s difficult to offer an exact price forecast for SAND.

The metaverse is expected to be the next big boom to hit the gaming world in 2023 and The Sandbox has already established itself as one of the best-known names in this sector. With a strong start in the beginning, The Sandbox attracted plenty of attention and many big celebrities and even corporations begin taking an interest in its potential.

Despite this, the SAND token’s performance in the market hasn’t lived up to anywhere near the hope that the majority of investors had for it. It seems that as the practicality of the platform has begun to show its weaknesses, many investors are simply looking for something fresher and more relevant to invest in. The extremely low number of daily users - fewer than 1,000 - is a definite sign that The Sandbox is struggling to keep up in both innovation and, significantly, user retention.

Is buying cryptocurrency right now a smart move?

A number of cryptocurrencies suffered a dismal 2022, with severe price drops across the board. However, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid investing in all tokens. It’s simply a case of finding the right token at the perfect time and many would argue that the floor of a bear market is the perfect place to start looking.

While The Sandbox price prediction is fairly pessimistic, Metacade’s launch is proving no less than a massive success with interest continuing to increase in its future potential. The red-hot presale of tokens has made this coin something that many people are already talking about, and with the genuine utility at play behind this project, it would seem that investing earlier is the best option.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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