Cryptocurrency News Today: Bitcoin Price Flails as World Governments Explore Crypto Regulation – Metacade’s Presale End Date Looms
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Cryptocurrency News Today: Bitcoin Price Flails as World Governments Explore Crypto Regulation – Metacade’s Presale End Date Looms

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29th Mar 2023

The Bitcoin price, which saw gains during the opening weeks of 2023, has stuttered at times perhaps in light of increased speculation concerning potential crypto regulation imposed by global governments. However a recent pump has happened probably due to a crisis of confidence in the banking system.

As the largest cryptocurrency on the market, any regulation will likely affect Bitcoin. The impact of any restrictions on the Bitcoin price remains to be seen. However, investors still holding and buying Bitcoin as well as looking for the next big altcoin narrative. As a result, Metacade has seen a rush of investors flocking to its presale with the ICO end date looming.

How will crypto regulation impact the industry?

Several cryptocurrencies have come increasingly under the microscope as governmental agencies bring lawsuits, such as that obtained by the US Securities and Exchange Commission against Ripple XRP. 2022 saw several big crypto names, such as FTX and Tornado Cash, flounder, and Kraken fined $30 million and forced to close their US-based operations.

Consequently, calls for greater crypto regulation have increased globally, with the Australian government publishing a paper exploring which crypto sectors require tightening the rules. This speculation negatively impacts the Bitcoin price, restricting it from passing resistance above $25,000 and turning fully bullish ahead of next year’s halving event. This fluctuating performance is being echoed throughout crypto markets.

Metacade’s secure GameFi presale attracting momentum

Metacade continues outperforming the broader crypto market throughout its ongoing presale, which launched at $0.008 in Q4 of 2022. Since then, investors have flocked to the platform in their thousands.

Now in the final stage of its presale, bullish investors have a limited time to get their hands on the MCADE token at discounted prices before it launches on crypto exchanges. The pace of the presale has surprised onlookers, with the end date of the entire event beginning to loom large.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a new proposition in GameFi and crypto gaming, with plans to become the world’s first and largest online gaming arcade. Aiming to build the most extensive library of online arcade games, Metacade seeks to bring an unrivaled earning experience to its community with its comprehensive rewards system incorporating the most up-to-date play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics and several additional earning routes for users to take advantage of.

Among the income channels Metacade provides is the Create2Earn scheme, which rewards users each time they contribute social content to the hub, such as alpha sharing, game reviews, or contributions to online chats. Meanwhile, the Compete2Earn scheme incentivizes users to stake their MCADE tokens in return for entry into prize draws and online tournaments.

Throughout its vast range of features, the MCADE community is placed at the front and center of the platform’s plans as Metacade builds the world’s foremost crypto-gaming fanbase to help it become a GameFi leader.

How does MCADE work?

The native MCADE token, an ERC-20 coin, is the platform’s medium of exchange and fuel that underpins all activity on the platform. As users contribute coins to the ecosystem via token staking and pay-to-play titles, Metacade generates revenue from external sources through advertising, releasing external titles on the platform, and launching the online Web3 jobs board as part of the innovative Work2Earn program.

While MCADE is a coin with a strong level of utility already built in, and plans for it to become a full governance token are already in motion, to further assure investors of the validity of the platform, the team’s identity and project coding has been reviewed and verified by the rigorous CertiK audit. This gives investors peace of mind that the project team understands what it's doing and that any issues have been identified and resolved quickly.

MCADE: Leading GameFi innovation

Among the many exciting features within the Metacade arsenal, their pioneering Metagrants feature stands alone. With the potential to catapult Metacade to the forefront of the burgeoning GameFi revolution, developers can apply for crypto funding to support the creation of new games exclusively for Metacade.

Each submission made is placed into a pool and presented to the MCADE community, who vote for their favorites. The ideas with the most votes go into production with the support of a crypto grant, thus keeping Metacade’s platform in an ever-evolving cycle while providing the more expansive Web3 space with eventual access to the hottest new talent to tap into. The likely outcome is that Web3 development will accelerate due to Metagrants pushing innovation to its limits to provide users with the best, most exciting gameplay experiences.

Is Metacade a good investment?

As the threat of crypto regulation continues to grow, putting the mockers on Bitcoin price rises and those of many other established coins, Metacade’s secure platform is one of the best and most attractive-looking investment options for anyone searching for good coin value and potential room for growth.

The current price of $0.02 per token won't last long, as the presale ends soon.

You can participate in the Metacade final stage presale here.

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