Metacade Play-To-Earn Arcade Will List on Uniswap in April After Successful Presale Raised 16.35m! Investors Flock To Buy Tokens Before Initial Price Jump
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Metacade Play-To-Earn Arcade Will List on Uniswap in April After Successful Presale Raised 16.35m! Investors Flock To Buy Tokens Before Initial Price Jump

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3rd Apr 2023

Play-to-earn platforms offer gamers new ways to earn money online. The industry is a highly disruptive sector of technology, which is a key reason why leading GameFi platforms boast billion-dollar valuations.

Following the completion of its token presale, Metacade (MCADE) could become the latest play-to-earn project to post impressive price action for its earliest investors.

Metacade takes earning mechanics one step further and introduces more ways to earn money online than ever before. The project recently announced that MCADE will be released on digital asset exchanges this April, making it one of the most sought-after investment opportunities of the month.

Everything investors need to know about the MCADE exchange listings

After a highly successful token presale in which Metacade raised 16.35m from early-stage investors, the token is now ready to launch on digital asset exchanges. This week, MCADE will have its IDO, in which the token will be made available on UniSwap at the price of $0.022.

Metacade is a hotly anticipated play-to-earn project that combines some of the most addictive gaming experiences that can be found on the blockchain with many different ways to earn money online. The project is now gaining momentum after its presale success and could see some explosive price action over the coming months.

In addition to its UniSwap listing, MCADE will also be available on Bitmart in April, and the team have hinted at other CEX announcements soon. The upcoming CEX listings could produce major buy pressure for the new token, which may turn out to be one of the best-performing investments of 2023.

While some presale investors managed to buy MCADE for as low as $0.008 per token, others bought in at a higher price due to widespread demand during the event. Every single presale round was a complete sell-out, which has led to increased token scarcity and a rising valuation for the new play-to-earn platform.

Can MCADE reach $0.50 in 2023?

The metaverse arcade offers a range of blockchain services that give Web3 users extensive opportunities to earn money online. The MCADE token has extensive utility within the ecosystem as well as deflationary tokenomics, which has led to bullish price predictions from experts across Web3.

After the MCADE token is listed on exchanges, the price could surge more than 10x. Early forecasts have highlighted the $0.50 price level as a key target, which would be a 22x return from the initial price of $0.022.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a comprehensive GameFi platform that combines exciting gameplay with integrated cryptocurrency rewards. Play-to-earn features have been modified to incorporate several additional blockchain services, including Compete2Earn, Work2Earn, and Create2Earn, boosting the number of methods that give users the possibility to earn money online with Metacade.

The community hub will display all the latest information about the blockchain gaming space, and users can contribute to this section of the platform in a number of ways. Metacade is expected to become a place where investors, entrepreneurs, and gamers alike can earn money online while taking part in all that the platform has to offer.

How does MCADE help users to earn money online?

The MCADE token is used to pay rewards on the Metacade platform, which aims to house the largest collection of play-to-earn titles that can be found anywhere on the blockchain. Gamers can choose to play solo or competitively through the Compete2Earn mechanic. Compete2Earn involves paid entry tournaments where major crypto prize pools are up for grabs.

Metacade’s Work2Earn feature will advertise open positions at some of Web3’s hottest start-ups. These roles can be both part-time or full-time and can even include one-off gigs. Whether looking to kickstart a career in blockchain or seeking beta testing roles with brand-new blockchain games, the Work2Earn feature will have plenty of opportunities for Metacade users to earn money online.

Another exciting variation of the play-to-earn mechanic is Create2Earn, which rewards content creators with MCADE tokens for contributing to the community hub. This can include posting game reviews, sharing insights, and interacting with other users, with all community contributions eligible for financial rewards through Metacade.

Metacade is a disruptive play-to-earn project

Metacade takes the number of ways to earn money online further than most comparable play-to-earn platforms. The project also offers the largest collection of play-to-earn titles in Web3, which gives it tremendous value within the wider blockchain ecosystem.

On top of this, Metacade aims to support the development of play-to-earn gaming through the Metagrants program. Developers can submit their ideas to the Metacade community, where users will vote to decide which proposals are best. Metagrants will be awarded to the most in-demand games, which will help to support continued innovation in the GameFi sector.

Is MCADE worth buying?

The MCADE token is gearing up for a successful future in Web3. Unfortunately, new investors have missed out on the presale, but the upcoming UniSwap launch gives everyone another opportunity to get involved at the final price of $0.022.

As play-to-earn games continue to disrupt the wider gaming industry, MCADE could be the perfect addition to a crypto investment portfolio. With 2 high-profile CEX listings on the horizon, Metacade looks set to continue its rapid development into the remainder of 2023.

You can buy Metacade here.

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