Gate Group Announces Clean Water, Education Charity Initiatives
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Gate Group Announces Clean Water, Education Charity Initiatives

Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
25th May 2023
  • Gate Group will match donations to double their impact on people in need
  • World Vision donations will go towards helping children in need
  • Gate will supply vulnerable communities with clean water and improve education access

On occasion of Gate Group’s 10th anniversary, its global NPO Gate Charity is launching a special initiative called "1:1 Donation, Double Your Impact" to support charitable causes for children, the environment, and education, Bankless Times learned from a press release.

Doubling the impact of donations

Gate Group encourages users to make joint efforts to support charitable projects and will match donations 1:1 to double their impact for the benefit of people in need. Gate Group CEO Lin Han said:

The 10th anniversary is a significant milestone for Gate Group, and we would like to celebrate it by contributing to the welfare of the global community. With your help and Gate Charity's 1:1 matching donation, we can make a greater impact in supporting various charitable programs and causes across the globe.

The causes: education, clean water, children in need

Gate’s Special Charity Campaign will raise funds for three important causes: World Vision, Charity: Water, and Room to Read. The donations from World Vision supporters will go towards helping children in need through established charity organizations across the globe.

Supporters of Charity: Water will help supply vulnerable communities all over the world with clean water, fostering economic growth and health.

Finally, Room to Read aims to improve access to literacy programs and education for underserved populations.

Commitment to social responsibility

Since it was founded a decade ago, Gate Group has remained committed to social responsibility. It organizes philanthropic initiatives all over the world with the purpose to use the blockchain’s benefits for positive social impact.

To help achieve that goal, Gate Group launched the NPO Gate Charity, which focuses on promoting blockchain technology application in philanthropy.

Gate is also a crypto industry pioneer. It recently announced the launch of the Gate Visa debit card. Now, its clients can enjoy a seamless way to exchange and spend their crypto holdings.

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