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Editorial policy

At Bankless Times, we believe that content should be free from bias, accurate and easy to understand.

Our editorial values & principles

We always disclose any sponsored articles, and when we use social media, it’s done responsibly. Our journalists adhere to the foundation of ethical journalism.

Code of ethics

Our content is to be used for educational and informational purposes only and should not be treated as financial advice.

Editorial and publishing process

Our writers and editors are highly qualified and specialized in their various fields. Our editorial staff take strict measures to ensure that content follows our code of ethics.

We don't recommend buying or selling anything. We provide information through our reviews and guides that help you make decisions.

The sources we use for data-rich reports and articles are high-quality databases and always verified and updated. Our reviews are free from bias and transparent.

Quality standards

We produce content daily so it crucial to us that our editorial process is strictly followed.

  1. Research- Our writers, both internal and external curate top-quality media and reports.

  2. Write- Articles are written to BT’s editorial standards as prescribed in our Editorial Style Guide.

  3. Fact check- Everything is fact-checked and verified

  4. Edit- Editors proof-read articles against the Eidtorial Style Guide.

  5. Review regularly- Our guides and reviews are updated regularly to ensure that in formation is up to date and accurate.

Assessing our contributors

Our internal and external writers are vetted by our editorial team and content published always passes the quality process above.

At the same time, writers’ opinions are their own and do not reflect the views of Bankless Times. If any content is published which is incorrect, offensive, or otherwise falls short of our standards we will edit/remove the piece immediately and review our relationship with the contributor who wrote it.

Advertising disclosure

We do from time to time publish sponsored content from partners. While this is rare, such content is always vetted and labeled accordingly. Our affiliate links are always labeled.

On some guides and reviews, we may include a comparison table of products that are offered by advertisers. While we do work hard with partners to try and surface the best paid offers possible in these comparison tables, it's important to note that they are not editorially selected. Display Ads are labeled as advertisements and are easily recognized.

How Bankless Times make money

We do not charge you to use our site. We make money from the brokers and business partners with whom we have commercial arrangements. This can happen in a number of ways; for example when you click a button and go through to a broker’s website, or when you open an account with that broker.

How can I contact the editorial team?

Please refer to our contact page.