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Darko Jacimovic

Darko Jacimovic

Articles: 38
Location: Serbia
With over six years of writing experience, Darko is a prolific writer in multiple industries including, but not limited to, digital marketing, SEO, finance, and technology. Acquiring a BA in English pushed him to pursue his lifelong dream to conquer the internet and take over the SERPs with high-quality content. While looking for his next travel destination, Darko developed impeccable research skills that helped him craft some of the most popular stats pages on the World Wide Web.

Education and Qualifications

University of Niš, Faculty of Philosophy - BA in English language and literature

Expertise and Experience


7+ years of writing experience, 5+ years of experience in SEO, outreach, and email management, 3+ years of experience in website creation

Also can be found on: MoneyZine, MoneyTransfers
Current investments: ADA, BNB, ETH

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