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Who Owns the Most Bitcoin in 2023?

Last updated 16th Feb 2023

Have you ever wondered who owns the most Bitcoin? The largest Bitcoin holders in the world certainly have a significant amount of wealth in the cryptocurrency space. After all, while there are countless alternative coins out there, Bitcoin remains to be the most valuable choice.

Read on to learn about the biggest Bitcoin holders, and how much wealth the largest Bitcoin wallets store.

Who Owns the Most Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym for the creator of Bitcoin, is widely considered to have the most Bitcoin wealth. Though Nakamoto has not officially revealed the amount of Bitcoin he holds, estimates predict he has a wallet containing around 1.1 million BTC. This would add up to around $25 billion at the time of writing.


Exploring the Largest Holders of Bitcoin

The top Bitcoin holders are distributed among individuals, anonymous wallets, public companies, and organizations. As the price of Bitcoin constantly changes, the list of people who are the most Bitcoin rich continues to change as well.

There are 4 addresses that hold enough Bitcoin to make their owners billionaires.

Aside from the coins owned by Satoshi Nakamoto, the most Bitcoin owned is distributed between just four wallets. Though it’s uncertain who these billionaires are, estimates suggest they hold around 672,000 Bitcoins in total.

There is also a wide range of public and private companies, as well as institutional groups who have become Bitcoin owners. According to the available stats, some of the largest owners of Bitcoin in the business landscape include the Digital Currency Group and Tesla.


There are 19 crypto billionaires as of 2023.

While limited information is available on the Bitcoin wealth distribution among anonymous holders, we know there are at least 19 crypto billionaires as of 2023. Most names on the list include owners and CEOs of popular cryptocurrency exchanges, the best-known being Mark Zuckerberg’s nemeses Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who hold $4 billion each.

(Business Today)

Changpeng Zhao is considered to be the person with the most Bitcoin whose identity is known.

With $65 billion in crypto, the founder and CEO of Binance is widely regarded to be the highest Bitcoin holder after Satoshi Nakamoto, and by a wide margin. The next name on the list with $24 billion is another cryptocurrency exchange magnate, Sam Bankman-Fried, who founded FTX and served as CEO of the company until its collapse.

(Business Today)

Elon Musk holds around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, is also considered to be one of the largest holders of Bitcoin. In February 2021, he announced that his company had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. Musk also announced Tesla would be accepting Bitcoin as payment, which means his Bitcoin wealth may have increased in the meantime.


27 Publicly traded companies own Bitcoin.

An insight into Bitcoin ownership distribution by Coin Gecko reveals there are around 27 publicly traded companies that own BTC today. These companies include Square Inc., Coinbase, Tesla, and many others. The most Bitcoins owned by a publicly traded company belong to MicroStrategy Inc.

All 27 of the publicly traded companies with crypto wealth own a combined total of around $6,738,811,355 in Bitcoin, according to today’s BTC values.

(Coin Gecko)

Ukraine has the largest number of Bitcoin holders per capita.

When it comes to Bitcoin ownership by country, Ukraine currently has the highest percentage of holders per capita. Around 12.73% of the population owns some manner of cryptocurrency in Ukraine. Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t as well-regulated as fiat currencies, it’s difficult to determine exactly who the largest holders of Bitcoin are, but Bitcoin remains the most popular option.

India is the country with the most crypto owners overall with over 100 million people, followed by the US with over 27 million crypto owners.


Joining the Bitcoin Millionaire Club

As Bitcoin adoption continues to grow, the number of millionaires from cryptocurrency continues to skyrocket. Not only are there many Bitcoin-rich individuals in the world, but there are also numerous holders of other altcoins to consider too. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity, there’s no doubt we’ll see more people joining the Bitcoin millionaires list.


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