Indeed job data indicates growth in blockchain and Bitcoin-related jobs

Since November 2015 Indeed has seen a 1,065 per cent growth in searches for jobs mentioning “blockchain,” “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” on the company’s job search site.

Job searches on Indeed mentioning “blockchain,” “bitcoin,” or “cryptocurrency” increased by 621 per cent since November 2015.

The following graph shows both the growth of job seeker interest in jobs with these keywords and the growth of job postings for jobs with these keywords for that time period.

Some of the jobs mentioning “blockchain,” “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” on Indeed

Senior software engineer, cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency Analyst
Cryptocurrency Developer
DevOps Engineer- Bitcoin Enthusiast
Analyst (Cryptocurrency)
Cryptocurrency Trader
Project Manager – CryptoCurrency
Product Manager – Cryptocurrency
Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist Positions – Direct Sales
Cryptocurrency Mining Technician
COO (Cryptocurrency)
Direct Sales Associate – Cryptocurrency
Systems Engineer (Trading Cryptocurrency)
Data Scientist (Cryptocurrency)
Cloud Engineer with Bitcoin protocol / Blockchain
Bitcoin Full-Stack Developer
Cryptocurrency Mining Lead
Cryptocurrency Research Analyst (Internship)

We were also able to discover the employers who have been searching for and contacting candidates with “blockchain” skills by analyzing data from Indeed Prime.

Employers using Indeed Prime to searched or contacted candidates with “bitcoin” or “blockchain” skills:

Capital One
Electronic Arts
JP Morgan Chase
Pure Storage

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