Equibit Development Corporation coin offering tops $500,000

The creators of the Equibit blockchain announced this week that its coin offering has topped $500,000 worth of equibits.

The Equibit Development Corporation said the offering began with an initial 100,000 equities priced at $2 per. All equibits sold will be created the EDC platform’s genesis block, with proceeds earmarked to hiring, platform development, supporter network expansion, marketing and enterprise infrastructure installation.

As of Feb. 23  201,075 equibits out of one million available in this offering have been sold. All are delivered to user accounts at EDC’s web wallet service and EDC retains any unsold equibits.

A total of 22 million equibits could be potentially available. The sale runs through Mar. 31.

The remainder of the sale will adhere to a predetermined schedule with prices increasing at each subsequent stage.