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Accounting is the latest professional field to find the need to cope with the changes brought on by automation. Whether you think these changes are good or bad is largely personal, but robotic process automation (RPA) systems are still slowly taking over accounting and finance departments around the country. One of the promises of automation technology is the ability to handle high-volume, standardized tasks that would otherwise take up a disproportionate amount of human work... Full Story
Back in 2014, the IRS announced it was coming for your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency holdings. At first, the law had little teeth. But as... Full Story
Despite increasingly stringent data privacy regulations and compliance requirements, data privacy and data intelligence can coexist The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European... Full Story
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Bitcoin forks really spotlight many problems. Here we are talking about forks, in which: there is a shared common transaction... Full Story


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