Daniel Diaz

Dash now live on Panama’s Coinapult

Cryptocurrency Dash is now live on Coinapult, a broker and wallet based out of Panama. The move allows people to buy and sell Dash against 20 national currencies.

Coinapult partners with Crypto Capital to offer a bridge for regulated crypto to fiat conversion for millions of people wishing to transact in Dash thanks to its international money transmitter license.

“This integration is massive for current and future Dash users because they really solve the question on how to buy and sell Dash in an easy and safe way using fiat,” Dash VP of business development Daniel Diaz said. “You get a digital currency on/off ramp that is directly connected with a fully functioning money-transmitting platform similar to online  banking. You get your own segregated account with Crypto Capital, which is fully integrated with Coinapult, and you wire funds from your current bank to your Crypto Capital account.”

“Giving the Dash economy access to Crypto Capital via Coinapult could be a significant step forward for the liquidity of Dash for bank-settled fiat currency,” Coinapult CEO Gabe Sukenik said. “Even in the midst of significant banking difficulties for bitcoin companies broadly, Crypto Capital has continued to service individuals and businesses that need access to bitcoin-friendly international wire settlement.”

Accepted fiat currencies include American, Canadian, Australian and Hong Kong dollars, euros, pounds, yen, Turkish lira, Czech Republic koruna, and the zloty.

Daniel Diaz

Mr. Diaz explained the process.

“The way it works is you need to open an account with Coinapult, you immediately get a working Dash wallet you can deposit Dash to. On the other hand you also need to open an account with Crypto Capital, being a money transmitter you go through a straightforward KYC process and when you are done you officially get your own account with online access. Then you just link your Coinapult user with your account and can start depositing money to your Crypto Capital account and transfer it instantly to Coinapult to buy Dash.

“The money in your Crypto Capital account is always available to you to wire out using your online platform. They service users in the US and even in places like New York so we are very excited for users that will now have a great option to buy and sell Dash in a friendly way.”

Dash also hired six C++ developers to push its development team beyond 20.

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