Richard Foster, CEO & Founder is a blockchain talent agency, billing itself as the world’s first blockchain talent agency, enables organisations worldwide to hire high-end, experienced blockchain freelancers, from coders to marketers, and pay both their fee and the freelancers themselves in bitcoin via Moneo’s secure, escrowed payments platform.

Blockchain technology is being championed across every sector from finance and gaming through to law enforcement and healthcare. According to a recent report, the market is estimated to create annual revenues of $45Bn by 2027.

The benefits of this decentralised technology are widely accepted but the main challenge to making it a reality continues to be the lack of expertise in blockchain implementation. And much of that expertise is part of a digital nomadic tribe that eschews the standard corporate environment — which is where Moneo comes in.

“The freelance ethos is a natural fit for the boundless application of decentralized technologies,” co-founder Richard Foster said.

“We saw not so much a gap in the market as a yawning chasm for a digital, crypto-platform that brought together ambitious and innovative firms with the smartest, independent blockchain talent across all disciplines.”

Founded in 2016, Moneo launched beta in May this year. In just six months, more than 400 clients have posted $8m of blockchain projects and more than 1,500 freelancers have applied to join.

Richard Foster, CEO & Founder

“We only accept a fraction of freelance applications, so firms can be confident that whether they hire an Ethereum developer in the US, a UK blockchain marketing consultant, or an ICO expert in Germany, they are the best in their field,” Mr. Foster said.

Prior to launching Moneo, Mr.Foster raised angel funding for a financially regulated escrow payments platform and has ten years’ experience as an independent IT consultant working in finance. Moneo’s co-founder, Amy Diez, is an ACCA accountant and was formerly an associate director in KPMG London’s financial modelling team. Amy also has a freelance background. In they have created a team already 12 strong that combines ICO experience with a range of developer skills in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and token sales.

Thomas van der Bijl, CEO at, says: “It’s normally a huge headache to find experienced blockchain talent, and we know projects can be delayed months because of it,” CEO Thomas van der Bijl said. “Using Moneo, we found top-notch Ethereum developers within 24 hours. These developers were able to soundly review our smart contracts and help us reach the Followcoin token sale target date.”

Moneo does not charge freelancers any commission while hiring companies pay a 10 per cent fee.

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