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Top nine tools for e-commerce businesses

Many online small businesses are bootstrapping their web development because they either have no choice or they would rather spend their capital on human resources or content creation.

I took a free webinar this week for top tools for membership or paywall sites. Best 60 minutes I’ve spent in a webinar in some time. I just had to share.

It was hosted by WishList Member and was a jam-packed hour. Yes, they featured some of their products in the list, but they are leaders in the space so it’s not surprising.

Some of my faves:
Meet Edgar: Helps you get the most from your social media marketing

Switfly: Need a small task done quickly? For $19, you can.

Fancy HandsFancy Hands: Affordable virtual assistants so you can spend your time on tasks that only you can do. Five requests per month is $25. You can get 15 requests per month for $45.

Rhino Support: Are you a one or two person web operation that needs to provide customer support and have no clue? Rhine Support is for you. Solo level with one agent is $17 per month. Pro is unlimited agents at $47 per month.

Banana Tag: Want to know what happens to your email after you hit send? It can be valuable information for marketing or job-searching. You can get five email tags per day free, 100 tags per day with full metrics and support for $5 per month, or a team plan for $10.

Fiverr: Need a graphic tweak or professional voice over? You can get these and more for $5 a pop. Can’t beat the price, and there are some talented people on the site.

SamCart: Have e-commerce on your site with low conversions? SamCart is proven to improve sales for $79 per month or $59 per year.

WishList Smart Nav: If you are running WishList Member on your WordPress site, the Smart Nav add-on for $20 is a must have. It allows you to provide unique navigation menus based on the membership level and state for your users. Did you come to the site as a member but you are not logged in? You’ll see a menu with a link to Log in. Once signed in, you will see custom nav based on your level of membership. Clean and simple.

Shortcodes Ultimate: Speaking of WordPress, if you are running a site on WordPress and you are not a developer, this plugin will allow you to create page elements and actions on the fly. It is fully responsive and only needs minor tweaks out of the box.

There were many more mentioned in the webinar, but those are the highlights.

As I start using more of them I will post an update with details and results.

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