Orchard Platform to publish marketplace lending data on Bloomberg

Marketplace lending technology and data provider Orchard Platform will distribute its U.S. Consumer Marketplace Lending Index on the Bloomberg Professional Service.

Bloomberg subscribers can access Orchard’s Index while using Bloomberg Intelligence. The Index attempts to measure the overall performance of U.S. consumer marketplace loans while providing investors with an accepted performance benchmark. It currently uses data from the two largest platforms and will add in others once they meet Orchard criteria, which several are expected to do within the next year.

Matt Burton

Matt Burton

Orchard Platform CEO Matt Burton said the Index builds on the transparency which is a key part of the success of marketplace lending.

“Much of marketplace lending’s success to date is due to the loan level transparency on each and every loan an investor is able to select. The Index takes that transparency to a new level by aggregating terabytes of information into a usable and easy-to-understand benchmark.”

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