Payment technology and gift card companies announce partnership

Payment technology company Cayan and personalized gift card provider Yiftee have announced a partnership that brings gift card capability to Cavan clients.

Yiftee’s No Hassle Gift Cards allow people to send personalized, branded gift cards from their favorite merchants, including small, one-location operations.

The recipient receives the card via Twitter, e-mail or text, and it stays on a mobile device until it is redeemed. They receive monthly reminders until it is redeemed.

cayan-logo-taglineBusinesses are able to track redemption patterns so they can design more effective promotional campaigns.

As a result, businesses can track the behavior of recipients to better evaluate and tailor promotions to ensure their gift programs are profitable.

A Yiftee representative explained the partnership benefits.

“Yiftee’s partnership with Cayan allows brick-and-mortar businesses to grow their customer base through digital purchases,” said Lori Laub, Yiftee VP of Business Development. “Tools like digital gift cards can be powerful drivers to connect to customers, promote a brand and add traction to a loyalty campaign. By partnering with Cayan, we’re now giving this option to more than 70,000 businesses.”

Cayan CEO Henry Helgeson

Cayan CEO Henry Helgeson

Cayan CEO Henry Helgeson believes Yiftee’s design will be attractive to his customers.

“By bringing the gift card experience online through Yiftee, we’re letting our customers take advantage of powerful e-marketing and loyalty programs while making the gift card experience simple for consumers. This use of technology will help businesses grow and find a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

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