New app turns bitcoin into lattes

iPayYou is letting java loves turn bitcoin into their favorite brew.

Its newest feature lets users transfer bitcoin from their iPayYou wallet to their Starbucks mobile app.

Those users select the amount of American dollars they wish to transfer and Bitcoin Direct to Starbucks withdraws the corresponding bitcoin total needed for the transaction, placing it into the user’s Starbucks account.

CEO Gene Kavner

CEO Gene Kavner

“After you initiate the transactions, your funds will be ready in seconds,” iPayYou founder and CEO Gene Kavner said.

“iPayYou is revolutionizing the way consumers spend their bitcoins by focusing on how to integrate bitcoin with the normal habits of our users.”

The news follows the recent launch of iPayYou gift card integration which allows bitcoin to be used to buy gift cards for popular retailers such as Best Buy and iTunes.

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