Inaugural Dash conference scheduled for Sept. 24 in London

Payment-focused digital currency Dash has scheduled its first conference for London, UK on Sept. 24. The Dash Conference, which is expected to attract 350 people, is a prelude to the World Blockchain Forum which occurs over the following two days.

Topics at the Dash conference will include blockchain scalability, governance, regulation, consumer adoption, serving the unbanked, masternode operations, and commercial application. Keynote speeches and panel sessions will detail Dash’s history and preview the upcoming launch of Dash’s debit card Evolution and the research and hardware tech branch, Dash Labs.

“The Dash Conference will be an incredible opportunity to inform some of the most important people in blockchain, business, finance, and technology on the ways we are bringing digital currency out of its niche and into the world of the everyday consumer,” Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor said.

Blockchain events coordinator Keynote is organizing the Dash Conference. Its founder and CEO Moe Levin said the event can help consolidate the Dash community.

“In the last six months the currency has dramatically increased in visibility with rising acceptance from vendors and shoppers, alongside more regulatory scrutiny, and fluctuations in value. It’s at this time, more than ever before, that the Dash Core community is needed to ensure a prosperous and well-balanced future for the currency.

“The Dash Conference was created to draw this community together, now ranging from enthusiasts to financial institutions, and to provide an open and hard-hitting forum for moving the currency forward. Keynote couldn’t be more excited to be organizing the conference.”

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