Five reasons your website isn’t convincing sales

One of the biggest failing points that all businesses (especially startups) suffer from is their website.

It’s not difficult to get people to actually visit your website if you’re active on social media, but it is difficult to actually get people to purchase your products or services.

There are many reasons for this, and we’ll be going through some common failure points that you can easily fix to improve your profits.

Your website has a horrible customer experience

Whether it’s important information buried under a mountain of links or a lack of pictures, make sure your website is suited for viewing.

Test your website and try to identify whatever problems it may have. If you’re having trouble with your website, then consider relying on the services of a trusted SEO specialist such as for help. People think that SEO refers to the content on a website, but you’d be surprised at how the customer experience also affects SEO.

You’re asking too much of your customers

If your customers are required to sign up for several things before they can even purchase from you, then you’re asking too much of them and you should cut down on the mandatory sign-ups and services.

There are convenient payment methods that allow your customers to click once or twice then ship their order to you.

If you ask them to sign up, give their information, add bank information and so on, then you’re going to quickly lose their attention.

You don’t offer different payment or shipping methods

If you aren’t already letting your customers use services such as to pay, then you’re missing out on a serious number of customers.

It’s one of the most convenient methods for your customers to pay for their products and you also make it easier for them to use their bank accounts. You also need to provide your customers with a variety of shipping methods.

Some people don’t mind paying less for a slower service, and some customers are fine paying extra for priority. The more options you give, the more likely you’ll make a sale.

You aren’t highlighting discounts or sales

Customers love to see sales. If you aren’t highlighting your latest discounts with big banners and percentages, then how are your customers ever going to see your latest deals?

Make sure you highlight your deals as best you can so that your customers can see them. Highlight how much money they’re saving, highlight the best deals you can offer and give them a reason to be excited.

Your products aren’t worth the asking price

As a startup, you should never overestimate the value of your goods. Unless you have something absolutely revolutionary that warrants the cost, always try to be humble with your pricing.

If you’re an unknown brand that no one has heard of, then do you really expect people to care about your products enough to pay exorbitant prices when there are alternatives? Most likely not.

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