Unpack these hidden charges when moving

Nothing in the world is free, and all those things we have to pay for often come with a few hidden charges. And one thing that has a whole host of hidden fees and charges waiting for us to stumble over is moving house.

For many people, moving home is stressful enough, but the huge expense of it is enough to make anyone quake in their boots. So, to make sure that you are never taken aback by any invoices and bills dropping through your letterbox, here are some hidden costs of moving that you should always expect.

Estate Agent Fees

If you’re a first-time buyer without a house to sell, you won’t have to worry about these. But for everyone else who is trying to sell and buy at the same time, they often forget that estate agents charge a considerable amount to sell a property. The more you sell a property for, the greater the estate agent’s fees will be. Generally speaking, the minimum fees are often around $2,000.

Extra Moving Costs

Have you been thinking, “It’s time to find local moving services near me”? It’s true that finding a local company will be cheaper than getting one from further away. However, you need to remember that there might be some fees on top of the original quote you get from a company, and these will all add up to eat into a considerable amount of your moving budget. For instance, most moving companies charge extra for packaging materials and insurance.

Mortgage Arrangement Costs

Did you think that arranging a mortgage with a provider was as easy as signing up for it and then starting your payments? Well, you also need to factor in the cost of the initial mortgage arrangement. This is the cost that your lender charges you for their services. Prices range depending on the mortgage provider you go with, but it is normally in the region of $1,000 to $2,000.

Phone Line And Internet

You will need to organize phone line and internet installation for your new property. Sometimes, a phone company will be happy to transfer your account to the new house and will install a new phone line for you. But this comes at a cost, of course. Most companies charge around $60 for switching to a new property. If your company doesn’t offer this service and you need to set up a new phone line and account from scratch, you will probably have to pay more. This is often the same for setting up WiFi as well.


Another thing that you shouldn’t forget is that VAT will be added onto most of your invoices and bills. It’s a good idea to ask all contractors if their initial quotes include VAT or not. Most of the time they won’t, so you might have to work out how much extra the added VAT will take the final price you pay up to.

Hopefully, your big house move won’t end up too expensive.

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