Live updates from Money 20/20

Bankless times managing editor Tony Zerucha and chairman and contributing writer Ari Gati are attending Money 20/20 from Oct. 22 to 25 in Las Vegas.

Hearing from the hackers who know the biggest financial security flaws.

Jay Kaplan, cofounder, CEO Synack

Companies are handing over security to companies with no business being there.

Pay dedicated hackers a bounty for success.

“Tremendous levels of efficacy compared to the old model.”

Synack intensive background screening of hackers.

“You’re all getting attacked every single day from the outside. You just don’t know the results.”

Millions of open jobs by 2021, they won’t be filled by conventional means.

Stephen Ward CIO, TIAA

Continuous proactive modeling instead of taking a snapshot in time. Use different eyes and skill sets at the same time.

Crowdsourcing of continuous monitoring…

It’s a competitive model where people want to be the first to find the flaw.

Mikhail Sosonkin, Synack, Russian hacker and director, research and data

Employ hackers and pay them, they don’t have to sell it elsewhere. Change the outlet but keep the thrill of the hack.

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